How Startups Automate the Work Of Lawyers

September 8, 2021 by archyde

Artificial Intelligence has become an absolute gem of discovery in our lifetime. There is virtually no industry that does not benefit directly or indirectly from the immense opportunities AI offers.

We all know how demanding the law profession can be; even if you are not in the field, you have a slight idea of how cumbersome the workload can be on lawyers. Different TV shows have captured the rigorous processes lawyers in different practices go through to get their jobs done. From looking for files, to merely getting by through the day at the office. The law profession demands so much that it can be overwhelming for many.

As a result of the pressure that lawyers face in executing different areas of their work, startups have been able to automate their work through Artificial Intelligence. Think about the countless cases and piles of paper that lawyers have to go through to find a precedent or a tiny bit of information to close a case. Since contract review that demands a lot of time is an intricate part of any Lawyer’s work, software for legal documents has become a lifesaver for many lawyers.

Since a big part of lawyers’ work can be automated, imagine how much room becomes available for other aspects of work to be done quickly. Now lawyers can focus on other pressing areas of their professional and personal lives because a healthy work/life balance guarantees increased productivity in any profession.

Now that you have a fair understanding of the fact that Artificial Intelligence software by startups has been able to automate the work of lawyers in recent years let us look at some other intricate parts of this article.

Below we will uncover how these startups automate the work of the lawyers.

Contract Review

In reviewing a contract, you should understand that every detail is important to the client and the parties involved. If you miss one vital piece of information, it could spell doom for the firm and the party involved. Therefore, there is no room for error, and accuracy has to be guaranteed. This makes lawyers feel worried during contract reviews. Needless to say, it can be quite demanding to review more than ten pages of a contract while paying attention to every word and sentence.

Thanks to AI, lawyers have taken a much-needed pause in using many hours trying to review a particular contract. Different AI software has reduced the time spent on reviewing contracts to a considerable minimum. Far from reducing time and stress, AI software, in turn, contributes to efficiency and accuracy. Lawyer’s expertise and double-checking together with AI-based intelligence is a perfect formula to effective contract review.

Plus, the introduction of smart contracts in blockchain technology has made it easy for lawyers to share documents, exchange money, and review contracts in real-time without any hassles.

Legal Research

This is one of the most grueling aspects of the beginning of most new processes in the legal sector. Researching a case is often indeed a draining task, especially when you are under pressure. However, many legal sectors worldwide have begun to embrace the idea of startups setting up AI software to improve the quality of legal research. The issue is with reducing time but allowing lawyers to focus their energy on other areas of their work. Why spend more than five hours researching a particular case when you can do that in minutes and get to other areas of the case.

In China, there is now legal AI software that assists judges in bringing their cases. The legal sector in Canada also has fully backed the use of AI software to improve the quality of legal research. This goes without saying; you need to conduct your research as well. But AI software can help reduce the stress of spending hours getting information that will take a few minutes.

Client Billing Solutions

Startups have realized the issues lawyers have to dance with keeping track of their hours. It can be so tiring, and most lawyers leave this task till the last minute. Just imagine – legal practitioners have to attend to sometimes more than one client every day and will need to continue to adjust the time-keeping records. It often also happens that they can make minor mistakes that will not be good for their reputation. But, stratus and AI software can help automotive billable hours of the lawyer and ensure that everything is in perfect working order. Imagine having up to five clients coming to see you daily. It can be difficult to remember every detail of what has been done; therefore, AI software can automate and improve the lawyer’s life.

This way, adopting technologically advanced solutions in the legal sector reduces the time and stress on the lawyers and improves the quality of their work. With AI software automating the daily areas of their work, there is more time to focus on clients and build a better relationship with them.

It is best to source appropriate AI solutions that will help improve different areas of your work as a lawyer and a firm. Therefore, look at the loopholes you want to cover and adopt the relevant solution to improve the quality of your work.

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