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How much money and time is needed to assemble an FPV drone at home — explanation of a volunteer

FPV drones have become a formidable weapon of the Ukrainian army — OSINT researchers record a significant advantage of the Armed Forces in defeating Russian equipment and manpower at the front. Ukrainians in the rear make their contribution to equipping the Defense Forces with drones not only by donating for the purchase of these weapons, but also by independently assembling drones at home.

How much does it cost to assemble an FPV drone at home, RBK-Ukraine&nbsp ;found out from a volunteer.

If you closely follow promotions and sales of parts for drones, the average cost of one FPV can be about UAH 10,000. Or about $200 for the device without the battery and $240 — with her Plus, if you buy in bulk, of course, it is cheaper.

Average price of parts for drones

  • Propellers — UAH 200.
  • Antenna — UAH 499.
  • Body — UAH 990.
  • Camera — UAH 1,400.
  • Motors — UAH 1,725 ​​per piece (at least four are required).
  • Controller — UAH 4,300.
  • Video transmitter — UAH 2,500.
  • Battery — UAH 2,450.
  • Charger for charging the drone battery — UAH 2,025.

Special glasses for controlling an FPV drone are expensive — approximately UAH 16,100.

How long does it take to assemble a drone

One drone takes approximately two hours together with the firmware. But actually the assembly of the drone — a gradual process, because not all parts arrive at the same time.

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