How much does Moskvich 3 cost outside of Moscow? Named real prices in the regions

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There are still difficulties with cars for test drives turned to car dealerships in different cities of Russia to find out how much the new Moskvich 3 crossover really costs. Recall that the recommended retail price is 1,970,000 rubles. for the version with manual transmission.

In a large dealership in St. Petersburg, a car in the basic version with a manual transmission is offered for 1,980,000 rubles, and a two-pedal version was priced at 2,080,000 rubles.

In another part of the city, prices amounted to 1,950,000 rubles. and 2,035,000 rubles. accordingly, there are no cars for a test drive yet, but the manager promised to provide an opportunity to drive a car within two days.

How much does Moskvich 3 cost outside of Moscow? Real prices in regions named

There are no cars in Rostov-on-Don yet, but they are expected in the near future at recommended prices, as assured in the salons. In Krasnodar they also promise not to raise prices, and sales will begin before the end of February.

In most car dealerships in Moscow  sold at recommended prices. For a crossover with a CVT in one of the salons they ask for 2,035,000 rubles.

“But there are no test drives yet. To do this, we must obtain a special car from the representative office. I think this will happen not earlier than in a month, », — added an employee of the salon.

Moscow dealers of the Moskvich brand; also began selling electric crossovers “Moskvich 3e”, while today we wrote about the discounts that you can get when purchasing a new item.

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