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How Iran influences wars in the world with the help of drones

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr9,2024

How Iran uses drones to influence wars in the world

Iran continues to increase the production of weapons. Iranian drones are actively used not only against Ukrainians, but other countries have begun to copy Tehran's developments.

RBK-Ukraine reports this with reference to Bloomberg.

The publication reminds that in In January, rebels fighting against the Sudanese army shot down a drone and posted a video of the wreckage online. The drone was modeled after the Iranian Ababil model. Bloomberg called it the “workhorse” of paramilitary groups in the Middle East.

Since its development in the 1990s, it has been actively used for the production of drones. Sudan is modifying an Iranian drone into its own weapon, which it calls the Zagel-3.

Over the past two years, drones based on Iranian technology have been manufactured in at least five countries, from South America to Central Asia. As you know, Russia has also opened factories where it produces “Shakhedi”, which the Russians call “Geranium”.

The publication notes that the proliferation of Iran's relatively low-tech drones poses new risks to stability in the Middle East and inflames hostilities on four continents.

“Iran's drone diplomacy earns foreign currency to finance its defense industry, strengthen its strategic alliances and make its powerful arms dealer – with the potential to change the nature of conflict around the world,” writes Bloomberg.

Iran has repeatedly denied selling drones to Russia, but has admitted sending a “small number” ahead of the February 2022 invasion. According to the authors, the sale of drones makes Iran a player with increasingly broad ambitions. The US and its allies, such as Israel, are trying to confront Tehran.

Iran is improving drones

Iran, which has been under sanctions for more than 40 years, has found loopholes and is using drone engines for its drones. lawn mower Although American-made components are found in Iranian drones, which are widely available.

As Bloomberg writes, Iranian drones are getting better and more stealthy. Thus, analysts determined that in January 2024, the American base in Jordan could have been struck by an Iranian drone.

Earlier, The Washington Post, citing a defense source, reported that it was the Shahed-101, a small attack drone. which does not require special equipment to run. The drone is able to fly low to better avoid radars and can cover at least 700 kilometers.

Iran's Aid to the Russian Army

Iran is known to have supported the Russian invasion of Ukraine since the first months of the full-scale invasion. . In addition, the country provided Russia with military aid. In particular, Tehran handed over kamikaze drones to Moscow, which the occupiers will use to attack Ukraine from the fall of 2022.

Sky News reported that Iran has developed a new Shahed-107 “explosive” drone for the Russian Federation, which Moscow can use against of Ukraine. ЗМЫ also note that Iran is close to providing the aggressor country with surface-to-surface missiles.

In addition, the media established that Iran is buying spy balloons from Russia, similar to of the Chinese, who were shot down over the USA.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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