How hormones affect a person's weight

How hormones affect a person's weight

How hormones affect a person's weight

Overweight and obesity are factors in the development of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and other health problems. Many people associate extra pounds with hormonal disorders, but endocrinologist Yulia Krivovyaz said that hormones should not always be blamed for this.

"Only 5-10% of people who are overweight or obese have hormonal causes of it set. The rest are people whose excess weight is caused by the way they eat, food, daily routine and lack of physical activity,” she writes on Instagram.

At the same time, some hormones do contribute to weight gain. Among them:

TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone). Endocrinologists with weight gain primarily examine the function of the thyroid gland. For screening, the level of TSH is determined, and if it deviates from the norm, additional studies are carried out.

Prolactin. Dr. Krivovyaz advises checking the level of this hormone if, in addition to weight gain, you are concerned about menstrual irregularities , inability to get pregnant, discharge from the mammary glands, decreased libido.

Cortisol. Clinical manifestations of an excess of “stress hormone” include weight gain in the abdomen, shoulders and face, the appearance of red stretch marks on the skin, increased blood pressure, menstrual irregularities, deterioration of the skin and hair.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich