How effective are vaccines against variants?  Data and differences between vaccinated and non-

How effective are vaccines against variants? Data and differences between vaccinated and non-

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How effective are vaccines against variants?  Data and differences between vaccinated and non-

of Silvia Turin

For those who have completed the vaccination cycle in our country, very high efficacy against hospitalizations (94.6%) and deaths (95.8%)

According to the latest Italian data reported by the Istituto Superiore di Sanit (relating to the rapid survey of June 22), the Alfa variant spread at 57.8% and the Delta at 22.7% and the Gamma at 11.8%.
In this picture how effective are vaccines on our territory?

How much vaccines protect in Italy

The new ISS Surveillance Bulletin provides a precise table on various aspects concerning the efficacy of the vaccines used (Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson) in the period concerning cases diagnosed between April 4 and July 11.
The effectiveness of vaccines measured in comparison to the cases diagnosed among the unvaccinated and divided as follows:

– efficacy towards cases of infection:
after 1 single dose of the 71,33%
after 2 doses of the 88,52%
–towards hospitalizations:
after 1 single dose of80,83%
after 2 doses of the 94,57%
–towards hospitalizations in intensive care:
after 1 single dose of88,08%
after 2 doses of the 97,3%
–towards deaths:
after 1 dose of the 79,01%
after 2 doses of the 95,8%

The greatest protection of the fully vaccinated especially from severe forms of the disease and the lower vaccination efficacy in the case of a single dose and against simple contagion, given that vaccines are designed to protect against the serious consequences of Covid.

The unvaccinated are 81% of ICU admissions

The report recalls that most of the cases reported in Italy have been identified (in the last 14 days) in subjects not fully vaccinated. Specifically, in the 80+ age group, in the last 30 days, 36% of SARS-CoV-2 diagnoses, 50% of hospitalizations, 81% of ICU admissions and 66% of deaths have occurred in people who have not received any vaccine doses and are currently 9.5% of the population in this age group. It should be noted that among the hospitalized cases these are much more frequently borne by the unvaccinated population.

Effectiveness UK and Israel

To make a comparison with updated data from the real world, the vaccines used in the UK (AstraZeneca and Pfizer) towards hospitalizations have an efficacy after the first dose of 80% against Delta and 78% against Alpha and after two doses of 96% against Delta and 93% against Alpha. In Israel, where 57% of citizens have completed the vaccination course, the Ministry of Health reports that Pfizer’s effectiveness for protecting against the Delta variant drops to 64% from 94% against other strains. Compared to severe disease, the efficacy rate is down by only 5%: in May, the vaccine’s efficacy rate in preventing hospitalizations was 98.2%, while in June with the Delta 93%.

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