How children in the occupation will be able to get Ukrainian education

How children in the occupation will be able to get Ukrainian education

How children in the occupation can get Ukrainian education

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On September 1, most schools will start a new academic year, and parents will be able to choose the form of education for their children.

However, in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine and in the war zone, teachers and children remain almost without instructions on the educational process, human rights activists of the ZMINA Human Rights Center say.

Human rights activists note that the authorities advise students to study at home on the All-Ukrainian School Online platform.

Head of the Center for Civic Education "Almenda" Valentina Potapova stated that 885 schools in the south alone are now under occupation. “So far, due to Russian shelling, out of almost 15,000 Ukrainian educational institutions, 2,328 have been damaged, and 289 have been completely destroyed,” Potapova emphasized.

Russian troops are seizing Ukrainian textbooks and introducing a Russian curriculum. In the occupied territories, there is often no access to the Internet and power supply for education. This prevents children from learning remotely.

Educational Ombudsman of Ukraine Serhiy Gorbachev said that teachers and students who study in the occupied territories under the Ukrainian program risk their lives.

“We must remember that the right to life and health are key. Education will now suffer a very heavy loss, but it can be made up for if children and teachers are alive and well, – emphasized the ombudsman.

So far, there is no public strategy in Ukraine on how to preserve Ukrainian education in the occupied territories and protect students and teachers. According to Gorbachev, in the coming days, the Ministry of Education and Science should present an algorithm of actions for all participants in the educational process under the conditions of occupation.

A teacher who managed to leave the occupied Berdyansk, Larisa Kolomiets, said that the occupiers are trying to convince their parents with money to give children to occupied schools.

“Most of our students and almost half of the teachers remained in the occupied city. Our school is opening online learning, classes are filled, and we will even work in this mode. Children in the occupation will study with us, although parents have a great fear”, – stressed the teacher.

War — it is a time of limitation, upheaval and fear. But we, being in the unoccupied territories, have no idea how our compatriots live on the other side of the front line. We cannot appreciate the luxury of freedom. The luxury of not being afraid that at any moment you can be arrested, killed, humiliated, taken away in an unknown direction

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich