How a humidifier can trigger fungus

How a humidifier can trigger fungus

How air humidifiers affect health and what to look for when buying

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How a humidifier can trigger fungus

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Humidifiers reduce nasal congestion, relieve cold discomfort, and help thin mucus. They should be used not only for diseases, but also when the air in the room is too dry. These devices create a comfortable indoor humidity level.

In the new edition of the program “Ranks with Ukraine” on the “Ukraine” TV channel, experts told what to look for when choosing a humidifier and how much they cost.

How a humidifier can trigger fungus


Too dry air can irritate the eyes and dry out the skin. In this case, you need to constantly ventilate the room and often do wet cleaning. If that doesn't work, then you need a moisturizer. It is also used because of other devices.

“In winter – because heaters and heating dry the air and there is no opportunity to often ventilate the room. In summer, air conditioners are constantly operating,” notes Vladislav Markovsky, a site specialist with ads.

Air humidifiers are of three types : ultrasonic, steam and air purifying. If you choose it for home, then it doesn't matter what kind it is. They all give off steam.

How a humidifier can trigger fungus


The main thing to pay attention to when choosing is the area of your home. Humidifiers with a small water tank can saturate your bed or work area. If the area of the room is small, and the humidifier is designed for a large area, then a fungus may even appear in the room. Also, dangerous bacteria can multiply due to the operation of the humidifier if the room is dirty.

“The danger from a humidifier is possible only if a person relies only on this device – does not ventilate the room, does not carry out regular wet cleaning,” said family doctor Mikhail Sokolovsky.

“In April, we saw the problem of smog in the city and noticed a trend in demand for repair of humidifiers. Therefore, we can say that air quality affects the operation of humidifiers. A frequent type of repair is cleaning from plaque, because sometimes people use unfiltered water,” comments the online manager -service Olga Soroka.

Prices for humidifiers start at 250 hryvnia . If you choose with a timer and sleep mode, then the price will start from 1000 hryvnia. If you have an air conditioner at home, then you should first check its functions so as not to buy a humidifier in vain. After purchase, the humidifier must be placed in the right place, because furniture can deteriorate from constant moisture.

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