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House of the Dragon: you will love the season 2 ad

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun17,2024

The second season of House of the Dragon has just started and is already in full swing. the event. But while everyone is debating the brutal first episode, HBO is not slowing down its efforts to get people talking about the series and has just scored a major blow to promote its flagship series. /strong>

House of the Dragon: you will love the season 2 ad

A Dragon in the City

À At the end of the first season, the series presented us with the dragon Vhagar, who became the largest living dragon. This gigantic threat, which marked lasting fans, is this week at the heart of the promotional campaign for the new season of House of the Dragon, the prequel series to Game of Thrones.To promote the second season,the streaming platformMax and HBO did not hesitate to à recreate a gigantic life-size Vhagar. This Vhagar was created carried out in the form of a gigantic balloon which was then hung on the wall. at the top of the Empire State Building.

House of the Dragon: you will love the season 2 adTo play background with identity of the series, a small scenario was even created. imagined to justify the presence of Vhagar in the city. The press release explains: “Just after the Empire State Building pledged allegiance to the King,Vhagar has descended upon the heart of New York and claimed the mast of the most famous building in the world as his perch.”

Queen of all Dragons. Long may she reign. #TeamGreen #RaiseYourBanners#HOTD premieres tonight on @StreamOnMax. pic.twitter.com/EMTFLN6I0a

June 16, 2024

The Giants of the Empire State Building

This Vhagar is therefore 82 meters long and is visible from anywhere. in townif you look up at the famous New York skyscraper. Obviously, such a project required a lot of work. a gigantic job for the teams who designed the ball. According to a press release press release from the Empire State Realty Trust, this gigantic Vhagar is set in place by more than 153 points of ropes and pulleys. The dragon has been manufactured Made by specialist company Bigger Than Life Advertising and consists of over 1,700 designs and over 15 kilometers of stitching. Still according to the press release, the best viewpoints to observe Vhagar are located at Manhattan, south of the Empire State Building. However,photos taken all over the city are multiplyingand we offer some of them in this article.

House of the Dragon: you will love the season 2 ad
< br />He is at; also note thatat nightfall, the lights of the Empire State Building give the dragon a much more disturbing and successful hue. The real bonus obviously remains for those who are lucky enough to visit the building at the moment. In addition to the traditional and impressive view of the city that the building offers, they can observe up close the impressive saurian and the joint work of all those who participated in it. à its development. The publicity stunt is very clever on the part of HBO, but it is not a first since in 1983, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first King Kong, the Empire State Building had hosted a balloon reproducing the famous giant gorilla
taking refuge on this New York summit.

House of the Dragon: you will love the ad for season 2
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