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House of the Dragon: this crazy theory about the prophecy of Aegon Targaryen and the Starks

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul8,2024

Season 2 of House of the Dragon is at the heart of a theory around the Starks and the dream of Aegon the Conqueror. Known for eschewing certain passages from George R.R. Martin's books, the series could decide to modify the history of the men of Winterfell and their 300 years of existence.

House of the Dragon: this crazy theory about the prophecy of Aegon Targaryen and the Starks

this possible link between the dream of Aegon and the sending of Winterfell's troops to the Wall

The very first episode of season 2 of House of the Dragonbrought us back north of Westeros, Winterfell among the Starks, while Jacaerys Velaryon is sent to the Starks. as an emissary to the Nordians in order to rally Cregan Stark and his men to their side. the cause of her mother Rhaenyra and the Blacks, against the camp of Alicent Hightower. 

While the Governor of the North shows Rhaenyra Targaryen's son around the wall and reveals to him that the troops at provided will not be consequential to Because of the coming winter, the two men discuss Cregan's ancestor, Torrhen Stark, king in the North nicknamed Stark. «the king who bent the knee» towards Aegon the Conqueror. When Aegon Targaryen and his sisters dominated the continent thanks to their their three dragons, the former king of the North chose to bend the knee to save money. his people suffered a very sad fate, sparing a good number of lives. 

House of the Dragon: this crazy theory about the prophecy of Aegon Targaryen and the Starks

If in his bookFire and Blood, George R.R. Martin talks about this surrender of Torrhen Stark before the firepower of the Targaryens, the HBO series gave rise to hypotheses of a possible theory, which connects this event It connects with the prophecy from Aegon's dream, known as the“song of ice and fire», that  «the end of the world of men» with «a terrible winter, coming from the distant north» will fall on Westeros, signaling the end of humanity. So «The Prince Who Was Promised», a Targaryen must be on the Iron Throne. A king, or a queen, strong enough to unite the kingdom against the cold and darkness.

HBO on the verge of reappropriating the story of Game of Thrones

En indeed, Cregan Stark mentions the threat of the White Walkers at this point. come, justifying the construction of such a wall to protect Westeros from «Death».If the prophecy was true passed down to the Targaryens from generation to generation, and reached the ears of the Starks at first glance. At one point or another (perhaps after Jaehaerys Silverwing's wife's dragon refused to cross the Wall), a hypothesis comes to shake 300 years of history of the people of the Northand the reasons why Torrhen Stark really bent his hand. the knee in front of Aegon.

House of the Dragon: this crazy theory about the prophecy of Aegon Targaryen and the Starks

Some imagine that Aegon warned Torrhen of his dream and of the threat of the White Walkers (perhaps during an exchange of letters), pushing the Nordian to attack him. submit to his authority. This could also explain why Torrhen introduced this tradition according to which every winter, men are sent to the wall.

My ancestor Torrhen Stark maintains a tradition of making an offering at the start of winter. A tenth of the men of our house would be chosen to reinforce the Guard. This fate is not a punishment but an honor. The North must be ready. “Winter is coming,” Cregan Stark reveals to Jace in the very first episode of Season 1 of House of the Dragon.

Since the series seems having taken some lightness with respect to the work of George R.R. Martin, we can easily imagine HBO modifying this part of the Starks' story in order to reinterpret it. ;appropriate. This would coincide with the words spoken by Cregan Stark to Jacaerys.

House of the Dragon: this crazy theory about the prophecy of Aegon Targaryen and the Starks

So why not? The series has emancipated itself from the beginning. several revivals of Martin's novel, notably in the timeline and the age of certain characters in season 1. We think of; the age of Rhaenyra and Alicent, the romance between Ser Criston Cole and this same Rhaenyra or even Viserys' illness. 

In this season 2 too. The series digs intothe story around the origin of the three Dragon eggs given to you. by the merchant Illyrio Mopatis at Daenerysat the very beginning of Game of Thrones. Be careful all the same with this. not to fall into incoherence at all times. wanting to justify certain holes left by the American novelist in his novels.

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