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House of the Dragon season 2: the White Walkers soon to return

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun18,2024

The second season of House of the Dragon comes to the world. It's hard to start, but in just one episode, she's already done it. made the fans electrified. In just one episode, this introduction offered his share of images and memorable moments but also fueled his work. a lot of speculation that we present to you in detail here. However, after a surprise return to Winterfell, a question arises: could the White Walkers make a first appearance in the series?

House of the Dragon season 2: the White Walkers are back soon

Warning, the following article contains SPOILERS on the plot of the first episode of the House of the Dragon series. If you haven't seen it yet, we strongly advise you to stop reading immediately. present.

The threat of the White Walkers

The premiere of season 2 of House of the Dragon raises a big question regarding the presence of White Walkers in the series. House of the Dragon, the prequel to the cult series Game of Thrones on HBO, has begun to premiere. his second season on the hats of wheels. Fans and connoisseurs of the world of Westeros had the pleasant surprise of seeing the heroes go for the first time to the legendary Stark family fortress, Winterfell .The series thus presented us with Lord Cregan Stark of Winterfell, who meets with Jacaerys Velaryon and agrees to pledge his support, as well as that of the North, to Rhaenyra Targaryen and the Black Clans. Well, part of his support, anyway.

House of the Dragon season 2: the White Walkers soon to return

Indeed, as Cregan Stark notes, his gaze is always divided between the North and the South.Moreover, when he tells Jacaerys Velaryon explains to him the nature of the real threat lurking at the edge of the northern territory and why the Wall was destroyed. constructed at the beginning, he doesn't beat around the bush and tells him stoically: “Death.” However, the chronology of House of the Dragon is located approximately 170 years before Game of Thrones. In fact, it is legitimate for some spectators to ask themselves: could the White Walkers make an appearance?Or even, do they exist elsewhere? at that moment in the Game of Thrones timeline?House of the Dragon season 2: the White Walkers are back soon

Attack of the White Walkers

House of the Dragon focuses primarily on a period known as the Dance of the Dragons. The Dance of Dragons is in reality a war of succession of the Targaryen dynasty (the family from which Daenerys “La Khaleesi” Targaryen is descended). This fratricidal struggle pits various branches of the Targaryen family against each othergrouped into two main factions: on one side; the Black camp, supporters of Princess Rhaenyra, and on the other that of Queen Alicent Hightower and her son Aegon, nicknamed the Greens. These three years of civil war saw the death of the two main protagonists and many dragons, until the death of the two main protagonists. a final event that the series will reveal to us…

House of the Dragon season 2: the White Walkers are back soon

In this story mainly focused on the Targaryens, Cregan Stark himself has only a very small role at the momentand may not be seen until some time after this episode; in fact, Sara Snow, her illegitimate half-sister, has not even been mentioned. This suggests that there should be no room for the other characters who populate Westeros, which a priori makes a sudden appearance of the White Walkers difficult.

This first episode, however, raises one of the greatest unsolved mysteries regarding the White Walkers: what were they doing before Game of Thrones? First of all, yes, the White Walkers already exist. well and truly This time and the Wall has protected Westeros from this threat ever since in reality. 8,000 years old. On the other hand: NO, the White Walkers are not supposed to interact in the plot described in House of the Dragon. However, Some elements could actually be damaged. allow showrunners to bring this threat back. image/webp”>House of the Dragon season 2: the White Walkers are back soon

Revenge of the White Walkers

In all likelihood, althoughthe White Walkers exist in the universe depicted in House of the Dragon, they have no reason to intervene in history. However, unlike Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon is not really based on a specific text by G.R.R Martin(the creator of the saga) but from a series of scattered texts. Moreover, within the universe of Westeros, the Dance of the Dragons is described as recounted after the event (and by the winners) by different sources, contemporary or not of the era. ;period, and whose versions differ more or less on certain facts. As a result, the showrunners actually have to all the space they want to create a plot in which the White Walkers could reappear.Besides, perhaps they already have it. done.

House of the Dragon season 2: the White Walkers soonô t back

Among the many elements that have circulated during the filming of this second season, a stolen photo,unfortunately extremely blurry and pixelated, a dressing room shows that the make-up team has instructions for transforming actors/extras into: “living dead”. We obviously have  already much speculated about on what it could mean that « zombies » of this kind appear, but we must not forget thatFrom the first season, the threat of the White Walkers to the future of Westeros had already been established. Summer evoked. These undead, who are not described as White Walkers in the photo, could very well just be present in the dream/nightmare of one of the protagonists.

House of the Dragon season 2: the White Walkers are back soon

Nevertheless, it touches on one of the biggest unsolved mysteries about the White Walkers: what were they doing before Game of Thrones?Were they just hanging out in the Lands of Everwinter, very gradually building up their armies, or were they in some sort of hibernation? We know so little about them that it is difficult to answer. The only indication to this subject until’à severe; comes to us from the character of Osha, in season 1 of Game of Thrones, who states that until then, they were “sleeping” without further details.

House of the Dragon season 2: the White Walkers are back soon

And If the return of the White Walkers scares you, you can from now on learn all about the only weapon capable of defeating them in this article: Game of Thrones: why is Valyrian Steel so important.

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