Horror: this cult English zombie film could have a sequel according to its director

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Good news for fans of British horror cinema: indeed, this cult film will finally be entitled to a movie. its sequel, at believe some statements. 

Horror: This English Zombies Movie cult could have a sequel according to its director

A long-awaited return

When we know that the Gothic movement was born; in England, it is not surprising that the country of Mary Shelley and Matthew Gregory Lewis is so fond of horror cinema. From The Wicker Man and Saint Maud and Men,The Wicker Man,the United is one of the top exporting countries of quality horror cinema. In the early 2000s, two very British zombie films enjoyed immense popular success: they were Edgar Wright Shaun of the Dead and 28 Days LaterDanny Boyle.

It several years that fans have been waiting for Danny Boyle to return to; the universe of 28 days later and 28 weeks later. The director from Manchester had already mentioned; the idea of ​​a sequel to several times. In 2019, he mentioned the fact that he and screenwriter Alex Garland had a wonderful idea for this third opus. But three years later, we still had no news. his point. It must be said that the filmmaker of Small Murders Between Friends and Trainspotting was engaged; on the Pistol series, centered on punk band The Sex Pistols, out this year on Disney+. 

Horror: this cult English zombie film could have a sequel according to its director

But things could well speed up. Indeed,director Danny Boyle, screenwriter Alex Garland and Irish actor Cillian Murphy have recently been cast. interviewed by the American media NME. Asked about the film, the filmmaker reacts:

I would be very tempted to to direct it. It would be the right time. It's funny because I didn't think about it until what you were talking about, and there ç went: 'Bang! The script!', the story will once again take place in England and will talk about this country.

Alex Garland outbids:

28 months later get some attention, because that's what's happening in this business right now. There has to be a good reason for people to go to the cinema, because there are fewer and fewer of them. It's tough on film distribution companies and theater chains, as they struggle to attract people to theaters, unless it's for a big show at; the Marvel or Top Gun: Maverick. half successful.

Horror: this cult english zombie film could get a sequel according to its director

As for the actor Cillian Murphy, also seems very interested; by the project. The one we found this year in the final season of Peaky Blinders confides that he talks about the project 28 months later   every time he crosses paths with Danny Boyle and Alex Garland. All of these elements seem to indicate that all the lights are green for the project to finally get under way. Not only the three main carriers of the saga agree to; say that the film has to be made, but in addition, as Garland indicates, the project could bring the public back to the cinemas, to the cinema. a period when their attendance continues to decrease.

Anyway, fingers crossed that this project takes place. And you, what do you think of these statements? And to discover this new horror series that is a hit on Netflix, it's here.