Honor's Magic5 Lite smartphone certified as the best battery

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The smartphone Honor's Magic5 Lite certified as the best battery

The Honor brand has reported that its Magic5 Lite mobile has been ranked by DXOMARK, the quality assessment laboratory, as the world's No. 1 in battery performance.

This device is also characterized by its high-strength and lightweight aluminum alloy midframe bezel plates. This component has been subjected to tests including bending, drop, force, impact and endurance. As a result, the weight of the intermediate frames has been reduced by 4 grams and the thickness has decreased by 15%.

It has a battery that is 3% thinner than traditional batteries. High-density PCB layout increases total board utilization rate by 5%. The battery layout has been optimized to maximize space and minimize thickness. The firm has thus achieved incorporate a large capacity 5100mAh battery, in a very compact space. And it hasn't just improved the hardware, it's made advances in software, implementing features that work to conserve battery life. These include intelligent chip programming, application process control, intelligent network selection, and abnormal power consumption management. These functions help to reduce consumption, even when the user is not working.

A Rigorous Process

DXOMARK's rigorous testing process has confirmed the exceptional battery performance of Magic5 Lite. Laboratory testing included four test plans, including a typical use scenario, an outdoor in-motion test, a calibrated test, and a load test. The tests were conducted using robots that mimic human gestures and were designed to simulate real-world usage, capturing the usage patterns of an average user. The results confirmed the autonomy of the equipment, with more than 2 full days of intensive use and its efficiency during discharge.