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A Hong Kong candidate presents himself for the ;Taïwan elections

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Chui Pak-tai is the first candidate from Hong Kong to run in a legislative election in Taiwan.

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A Hong Kong native s is running in Taiwan's legislative elections to stand up to China. He wants to inspire his diaspora in exile since the imposition of the national security law by Beijing.

Wearing his purple election candidate vest, Chui Pak-tai tries to distribute election flyers on a street corner on a weekday afternoon, but often without success.

It doesn't matter. The cause is all that matters: participating in the democratic process. He knows that his chances of being elected are minimal.

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Chui Pak-tai distributes his election leaflets on a street in Taipei.

Chui Pak-tai is the first candidate from Hong Kong to run in a legislative election in Taiwan.

I wish to perpetuate the spirit of resistance of Hong Kongers against the tyranny of Beijing, he says proudly.

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The 71-year-old is no stranger to politics and is in defense of democracy for many years.

Chui Pak-tai served as councilor of Wong Tai Sin district in Hong Kong from 1994 to 2011. He likes to portray himself as a fierce enemy of the Chinese Communist Party.

One of the most notable moments was when I went to Beijing with a colleague in 1996 to demonstrate against the Communist Party's direct interference in local elections in Hong Kong. They let us demonstrate, but we were arrested in the middle of the night afterwards, he remembers, with a smile on his face.

Chui Pak-tai does not consider the recent elections held on December 10 in Hong Kong – elections reserved for “patriotic and pro-Beijing candidates” which saw a historically low turnout – as a real vote.

Hong Kongers must now survive under political oppression. They are continually deprived of rights and freedom by Communist China.

A quote from Chui Pak-tai, candidate in Taiwan's legislative elections

Chui Pak-tai moved to Taiwan in 2012 and received Taiwanese citizenship in 2021. He now heads a community organization helping Hong Kongers integrate into their new society.

He decided to make a return to politics in a district of New Taipei under the colors of the small Taiwan Revival Party. He hopes to inspire other Hong Kongers to take the plunge into politics.

We want to live a better life in Taiwan, he says. It's not always easy.

Chui Pak-tai above all wants to preserve the thirst for freedom and democracy that he has always had within him.

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