Honey spas or Macovea: what not to do on the holiday

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Honey Spas or Makoway: what not to do on the holiday

Illustrative photo from open sources

August 14  Orthodox Ukrainians will traditionally celebrate an important church holiday – Honey spas or Macovey. According to TSN, this day also begins the Assumption fast, which lasts until the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (August 28). strong>:

  • it is impossible to wish evil on anyone, even enemies, because it will return in a multiplied size;
  • it is forbidden to curse and slander, so as not to call on misfortune and unhappiness;
  • you cannot work, including in the garden, in the field, and at home, and all heavy work should be done before August 14;
  • you cannot eat honey before the Savior , until it is consecrated in the church;
  • on the Feast of the Savior and after it, it is forbidden to swim in rivers and lakes, because there is a risk of drowning or getting seriously ill;
  • from Makovei it is important to observe strict restrictions in diet, using only plant foods – fruits and vegetables, honey, nuts, dried fruits and bread. Believers are forbidden to eat meat, fish, eggs;
  • noisy parties and holidays are allowed;
  • it is forbidden to clarify relationships, quarrel and insult each other.< /li>

Prepared by: Sergey Daga