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Honey for the ears: You just listen to the sound of this BMW 2002 Hillclimb Rev

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May22,2024

Honey for the ears: You just listen to the sound of this BMW 2002 Hillclimb Rev< /p> BMW 2002 Hillclimb Rev has 321 "horses" under the hood/Screenshot from the video

Uphill racing is probably the coolest type of racing on the planet. Where else can you see street cars transformed into hardcore racing machines, flying up a mountain pass with almost zero wind?

This is a truly hardcore type of motorsport that demands extreme extremes from the cars. This old BMW is a perfect example, writes Motor1.

This vintage 2002 BMW started life as a street car, but since then it has received a huge helping of modernization in the name of speed. A wide body kit with a giant splitter and a huge wing surround the once narrow frame, while modern KW suspension and extra-wide rubber help to keep the car on the road.

Just listen to how the BMW 2002 Hillclimb Rev sounds: watch the video< /strong>

However, the biggest update is hidden under the hood. The original four-cylinder engine is gone, replaced by a BMW M12/7 racing engine. Based on the road-going M10, these engines were originally designed for use in open Formula 2 racing cars. This motor can rev up to 10,800 rpm, and sounds great.

According to YouTube channel HillClimbFans, this motor produces 321 horsepower – about three times more than this 2002 edition. With a six-speed sequential gearbox, driver Mario Minichberger has no problem transferring all the power to the road. In fact, this car holds up surprisingly well on the surface, with no hint of oversteer throughout the short clip.

Natasha Kumar

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