Honda did not include the transformation of the Civic Type R to a hybrid

Honda did not include the transformation of the Civic Type R to a hybrid

Let's not see the electric car yet.

Honda didn't turn on remapping Civic Type R on hybrid

The new generation of the “hot” Honda Civic Type R hatchback, introduced in 2022, has become a modernized version of the five-year-old model, which did not cause the car to become the hottest in history. The car adopted the Type R platform of the FK8 generation in 2017 and a 2-liter in-line 4-cylinder turbocharged K20C gasoline engine, but in the nearest future model it can also have a gas-electric power plant. This was directly stated by the engineers of the Japanese brand.

Fr. At the launch of the novelty, technical consultant of Honda Motor Europe Ko Yamamoto in an interview with Autocar revealed details about the technological future of the hatchback. Behind the words of the engineer, the transition to a hybrid engine is not turned off, but it is unlikely that the Civic Type R will become an electric vehicle or it will take away the latest drive.

“On this platform We can build an electric car, but I care that we can achieve the same level of hybridization. Electrification is just another technical thing, such as VTEC, turbocharging or a rich boost,” Ko Yamamoto said. R and novnoprividnym – the first in the history of the model – however, there are no such plans for the Japanese automaker. “Obviously, we can work a new drive – the Civic Type R platform and in a fully drive CR-V, but I don’t think the new drive will fit this model. It’s not necessary to make the car look better, but it’s definitely better to make it bigger, ”explaining the technical consultant.