'Home Alone' actor accused of rape

'Home Alone' actor accused of rape

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 Home Alone actor accused of rape < /p>

New York authorities are investigating a rape allegation that a girl has filed against actor Devin Ratray, best known for his role as the protagonist's older brother in Home Alone.< br />
This is reported by CNN.

A girl named Lisa Smith appealed to the prosecutor's office about a police report she filed back in 2017, accusing Ratray of rape. The girl decided to find out why the case was not considered at that time.

Smith stated that she was “devastated” that the authorities had failed to fully investigate her allegation when she first reported the rape. According to her , prosecutors mistakenly believed that she wanted to remain anonymous and did not want to press charges.

According to Smith, she had been friends with the actor for about 15 years prior to the September 21, 2017 attack. Then Ratray poured drinks for everyone, but, according to the girl, he gave her a separate glass. She drank and felt tired, Ratray advised her to stay and sleep on the couch. The girl believes she was drugged. According to her, Ratray raped her for what seemed like an “eternity”. . The actor himself denies all accusations from the girl, claiming that in 2017 he had sex with Lisa Smith.

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