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Hollywood fears this artificial intelligence project from Google and Meta

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May24,2024

As artificial intelligences increasingly impose themselves in our daily lives and after Hollywood went on strike a few months ago in part because cause of fears relating to this new technology which is becoming more widespread in the world of cinema and television, two technology giants, Google and Meta, are trying to launch a project which will make people scream professionals

Hollywood fears this artificial intelligence project from Google and Meta

AI wants to take root in the world of cinema and television

Artificial intelligence has been making its mark for several months in many areas. If it can offer great perspectives, it can also generate fears and this is also one of the reasons why American screenwriters have recently put themselves in the spotlight. ;ve. A few days ago,OpenAI, the company at; who we owe ChatGPT, was accused for having used the voice of Scarlett Johanssonto use for one of her chatbots. Its CEO, Sam Altman, apologized for the incident. and deactivated the voice of the MCU actress.

Hollywood fears this artificial intelligence project from Google and Meta

Today, we learn via Bloomberg that two major new technology companies have joined the company. know Alphabet (Google) and Meta (Facebook and Instagram) have a project involving their artificial intelligence and the writers and actors who work on it. Hollywood. Indeed, the two firms would like to be able toobtain an agreement with entertainment professionals to train their generative artificial intelligences with film and series content in a completely legal way.As a reminder, generative artificial intelligence is a type of AI that is capable of start from a textual description, produce an image or generate text and any other media. Meta and Google would have alreadyalready; proposed tens of millions of dollars to American studios in order to obtain an agreement. 

Hollywood fears this project artificial intelligence from Google and Meta

Netflix and Disney refuse, Warner seduced

If we are to believe the information shared by the American media, Netflix and Disney would have declined. the offer of the two companiesbut do not close the door to it; possible other types of collaborations. Only Warner Bros. would have said she was ready to close a deal. However, the Hollywood studio would have no intention of ceding the entirety of its production. of its catalog. 

It is true that for producers, this technology represents a real interest but they must not offend people who hold the rights to a film or series such as actors or screenwriters. They fear that the simple fact of opening discussions on this project risks worsening the situation between the two parties, especially since a new strike could resurface.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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