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7E su H&M experiments by refashioning shops for post-pandemic life - The Times Hub

H&M experiments by refashioning shops for post-pandemic life

H&M experiments by refashioning shops for post-pandemic life

The Hennes & Mauritz flagship retailer on Stockholm’s foremost sq. is making an attempt to interrupt the mould. A lady stitching a patch on to trousers, social gathering attire for rent and a magnificence salon usually are not commonplace fare for many fast-fashion retailers.

However the companies may very well be a style of issues to return as H&M, the world’s second-largest garments retailer, works out what to do with its huge community of 5,000 shops following a pandemic that has pushed extra customers on-line. The Swedish chain’s concepts lengthen so far as inspecting whether or not its retailers can play a task within the logistics of on-line promoting.

For Helena Helmersson, appointed final yr as the primary H&M chief govt exterior the corporate’s founding Persson household, it’s all about boosting relationships and engagement with clients.

“The bodily retailer community that now we have is one among our strengths. It’s the completely different roles the shops can play, the completely different codecs. What sort of experiences are there in a retailer? Might they be a part of a web based provide chain? There are such a lot of issues to discover . . . it’s virtually thrilling,” she informed the Monetary Instances.

Helmersson, 47, has had a troublesome first yr as chief govt. On the top of the primary wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, four-fifths of H&M’s bodily shops had been closed and an enormous push on-line was unable to offset the hit. Gross sales fell a fifth in H&M’s monetary yr till the top of November to SKr187bn ($22.6bn), whereas pre-tax income plunged 88 per cent to SKr1.2bn, interrupting a nascent restoration after years of decline.

Gross sales plunged in March and April, earlier than rebounding strongly in the summertime, after which getting hit once more round Christmas.

However because the pandemic has pressured H&M into speedier decision-making and elevated flexibility and with Helmersson forecasting a wave of pent-up demand when Covid-19 comes underneath management, the chief govt is emboldened to say: “Total, we’ll come out of the pandemic stronger.”

H&M experiments by refashioning shops for post-pandemic life

With four-fifths of H&M’s shops closed on the top of the primary wave, pre-tax income plunged 88 per cent © Ariana Lindquist/Bloomberg

Anne Critchlow, analyst at Société Générale, mentioned that comparatively small will increase in gross sales at H&M might result in greater rises in income. “Potential restoration is a part of the attraction of H&M to buyers in the meanwhile: it’s very extremely operationally geared. H&M must be the quickest to recuperate,” she added.

However she argued that Inditex, the Spanish proprietor of Zara that overtook H&M because the world’s largest trend retailer by gross sales a decade in the past, was a “higher high quality firm”, and that the Swedish group could also be a “bit slower” at returning to its pre-pandemic revenue ranges as some clients keep away from its shops.

H&M’s shares fell persistently from 2015 to 2018, earlier than largely treading water since then, though they’ve climbed 50 per cent since their Covid-19 low in March final yr.

Helmersson, a H&M lifer who joined the retailer in 1997 as an economist, mentioned she began to see “mild on the finish of the tunnel” after a “very demanding” interval. “I’ve super-high expectations on myself. Including a disaster on prime of that, it’s been a very robust yr.”

Now, nonetheless, her focus is transferring to a crucial query for H&M: “The place do we have to transfer sooner?”

H&M experiments by refashioning shops for post-pandemic life

Regardless of being in quick trend, critics mentioned H&M had grow to be sluggish, outpaced by nimbler Inditex and on-line retailers resembling Zalando and Asos. Inditex might get new garments to Zara shops in weeks from close by manufacturing websites in Europe whereas H&M, with extra sourcing in Asia, took longer. Opening new shops gave the Swedish group a simple path to gross sales development however didn’t assist its revenue margins, which have been declining persistently for the previous decade.

Helmersson mentioned H&M took “actually, actually quick selections” initially of the pandemic on the way it purchased clothes, labored with its provide chain, and moved to promoting extra on-line. She pointed to how know-how allowed designers, suppliers and the manufacturing workplace to work collectively on the identical time to provide new garments, reasonably than ready for one to ship a garment to a different.

H&M experiments by refashioning shops for post-pandemic life

It’s ‘tough to gauge how massive’ trials resembling garments rental might grow to be, mentioned the H&M chief © DAVID THUNANDER

“It sounds actually primary however in case you do this in lots of processes you may be a lot sooner. You even have knowledge to offer you extra buyer perception, which suggests you possibly can act a lot faster,” she mentioned, including that equipment can now go from conception to retailer in just a few weeks, T-shirts in six weeks, and trousers in eight.

H&M can also be making an attempt to extend its velocity on sustainability, bringing in a goal of utilizing 30 per cent recycled supplies by 2025. Critchlow mentioned that the group was main the trade in its makes an attempt to grow to be round, though many voice considerations over how a lot fast-fashion teams encourage extra consumption. Sturdy investor demand this month led to H&M decreasing the rate of interest for its maiden sustainability-linked bond, which was 7.6 occasions oversubscribed

H&M experiments by refashioning shops for post-pandemic life

Helmersson, a former head of sustainability at H&M, mentioned that the toughest job for the retailer was decoupling its development from its use of pure sources. She added that the trials in repairing and renting garments in addition to promoting second-hand clothes via the web site Sellpy, by which H&M is almost all proprietor, had been vital however tough to gauge how massive they might grow to be. “We have now such a dimension that we will to some extent affect buyer behaviour. However we may also see how prepared they’re,” she added.

Critchlow mentioned H&M deserved “full credit score” for the trials however that they had been unlikely to result in hovering revenue margins. She added that the essential questions had been how briskly H&M returned to pre-pandemic gross sales and revenue ranges and whether or not it might go additional. “It requires H&M to handle the prices of the shops,” she mentioned, including that renegotiated leases in the course of the pandemic had solely helped a bit.

There may be additionally a debate about how a lot growing on-line gross sales — anticipated to rise from 28 per cent of H&M’s complete final yr to about 43 per cent in 2025, in accordance with Critchlow — assist provided that they arrive with further prices resembling supply and returns in addition to in logistics.

Helmersson is unbowed, arguing that H&M will supply a number of methods for purchasers to interact with the retailer via varied retailer codecs providing completely different companies, on-line, and its personal membership. “The shopper journey is consistently evolving,” she mentioned. “We are going to observe, and affect. Earlier than, it was about transactions, now it’s about relationships with clients.”

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