'Hitler's watch' sold at auction in US

'Hitler's watch' sold at auction in US

Hitler's watch auctioned off at US auction

Photo: Alexautographs.com

In the United States, a watch was sold at an auction that most likely belonged to a Nazi leader. It caused a “tsunami” dw.com reports.

On July 28, Alexander Historical Auctions in the United States of America sold a watch allegedly used by Adolf for 1.08 million euros at auction Hitler. Initially, they wanted to get up to 4 million for them, but as a result, the price turned out to be much lower than the starting one.

The watch has a gold case, on which engraved Hitler's initials, a swastika and an eagle.

Hitler's watch sold at auction in USA

There are three dates on the watch: Hitler's birthday, the day he was appointed Chancellor of Germany, and the day the Nazi Party won the election in 1933.

According to the auction house, the Nazi leader was given this watch in 1933, members of the NSDAP. They were found four days after Hitler's suicide by a French soldier in Hitler's former Alpine residence in Berchtesgaden. Then this expensive accessory was in the possession of the French family.

Hitler's watch sold at auction in US

Hitler's watch auctioned off at US auction

Let's note that even before the start of the auction, sharp criticism rained down on the organizers of the auction, the European Association of Jewish Organizations called for the auction to be canceled altogether. They believe that selling such items is disgusting!

In their opinion, the legacy of Nazism should remain in museums, but clearly not be the subject of bargaining. The letter, which was signed by thirty representatives of the Jewish communities, stated that “the sale of items belonging to the”organizer of the genocide” Hitler is in no way conducive to learning from the horrors of the Nazi era, he pointed out, recalling the six million Jews who became victims of the Nazis".

Prepared by: Sergei Daga