HIMARS destroyed one of the launch points of “Lancets” (video)

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HIMARS destroyed one of the launch points of the "Lancets" (video)

Illustrative photo from open sources

Aerial scouts of the Defense Forces of Ukraine discovered and destroyed an enemy post of the operators of the Zala-421 drones, disguised in a forest.

"Zala-421" – ultra-small unmanned aerial vehicle of the ZALA brand. Intended for observation, targeting, fire adjustment and damage assessment. Effective in conducting aerial photography and video shooting at a short distance. In particular, with the help of “Zala-421” the occupiers control the “Lancet” kamikaze drones.

After transferring the coordinates to our jet artillery, a HIMARS strike was launched, which destroyed the occupiers' point along with the transport on which they were moving. The video was posted by journalist Yuriy Butusov.

Prepared by Serhii Daga