Hilary Castro, upset: she assured that she was the last to find out about the capture of her sexual abuser

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In a publication on her social networks, the minor victim of sexual abuse assured that she learned of the capture of her aggressor through the media and not through the authorities

Hilary Castro, annoyed: she assured that she was the Last to find out about the capture of her sexual abuser

Photo: capture social networks.

On the night of this Saturday, November 5, the Attorney General's Officeannounced that the man accused of having sexually assaulted Hilary had been captured Castro at La Castellana TransMilenio station.

However, the under 17-year-old showed her annoyance through an Instagram post for having been, according to her, the last to find out about the capture. “The last people to find out were my family and I,” he said in a short video, in which he said that he found out thanks to the media and not the Prosecutor's Office or the Police.

“How can you tell that what they want is a 'boom', a piece of news, to generate that impact that they are doing something and clear the name of the Police,” he said in the video.

“Today my abuser was allegedly captured and the last people to know were me and my family! It is time that neither the National Police nor the Prosecutor's Office have communicated with us, but with the media and even the mayor @claudialopezcl I already talk about this too, “he wrote in his publication.

Castro used his social networks to denounce what happened to him last Monday, October 31, when the traditional Halloween party was celebrated, five days before the capture of his sexual aggressor.

“I was on route B12 and I got off at La Castellana station. I saw that a man got off at the same station and began to look everywhere; he proceeds to take something out of the suitcase, ”said the minor. She started to walk faster, but she couldn't find any authority that could help her. “He comes running after me and threatens me with a knife saying I should give him everything.”

After handing her a kangaroo, the man threatened her to leave the station. She “she brought me down from the station at the point of threats, she took me to the back of the station, proceeded to lower her pants and forced me” to perform sexual acts on her. The situation did not go unnoticed by two young people who passed through the area and ended up giving him their support.

After this complaint, this Thursday there were demonstrations in various parts of the city , which left damages of over 246 million pesosin several stations of the massive system. In addition, the commander of the Metropolitan Police of Bogotá, the director of the National Police and even the President of the Republic, Gustavo Petro, spoke. A reward of 30 million pesos was offered and raids were carried out against sexual abuse inside buses and stations, which left four people captured this Friday.

On Friday it was reported that the Authorities had already identified the person, but only until this Saturday did they find his whereaboutsduring a raid and search operation in the town of Usaquén, in the north of the city, which they called Santa María Goretti —a saint remembered for having died at the hands of her sexual aggressor—.

“Investigative work by the #Prosecutor's Office and @PoliciaBogota made it possible to identify and capture the alleged perpetrator of sexual abuse against a 17-year-old adolescent, in events that occurred on October 31, in Transmilenio. In the next few hours, he will be presented before a guarantee control judge,” wrote the accusing body on its Twitter account.

The mayor of Bogotá, Claudia López, also referred to the arrest of this person: “Our @PoliciaBogota has captured the criminal who allegedly abused Hilary. She will be prosecuted . In Bogotá we work tirelessly and in coordination for everyone's safety. Women are respected. We will take care of them and make them respect #NiUnaMas”, wrote the president. In addition, she stated that all legal procedures were followed in the capture.