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Highly mobile artillery missile system HIMARS: characteristics and application

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul7,2024

Highly mobile artillery rocket HIMARS system: characteristics and applications

The M142 HIMARS highly mobile artillery missile system is one of the most effective examples of modern military equipment, combining power, mobility and accuracy. This US development has become an important element in the strategy of modern warfare. About this unit of military equipment tells  Ternopil regional TCC SP.

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M142 HIMARS – is a highly mobile artillery missile system developed in the USA1. It is a lighter version of the M270, but retains the same arsenal and personnel protection.

HIMARS is designed for “shoot-and-run'' tactics. It performs the role of an anti-aircraft missile system or a front-line tactical missile launcher.

HIMARS weighs 16 tons, of which 5 – ammunition It can be transported by a C-1301 aircraft.

The maximum range depends on the weapon used and can be 499 km with PrSM missiles.

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