Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

Higgs banks on politics 713 and Israel for elections

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New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs shows off his game ahead of the upcoming provincial election. (Archive photo)


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In New Brunswick, the Blaine Higgs' campaign manager is soliciting donations outside the province – with a view to an election campaign in 2024 – focusing in particular on “parents' rights” and the Prime Minister's support for Israel.

In this letter, available for the moment only in English, the new campaign director of the Progressive Conservatives Steve Outhouse solicits donations for the party by focusing on four major issues.

First, he highlights his prudent fiscal approach, citing the significant surplus.

He then focuses on what Blaine Higgs calls parental rights, referring, without explicitly saying so, to controversial changes to Policy 713 on sexual orientation and gender identity in schools.

The prime minister's support for Israel is the third point cited in the letter. Prime Minister Higgs stands with Israel, demonstrating that he is a leader we can trust.

Questioned on Tuesday about this position, Blaine Higgs replied that it was important to have clear positions. We have to be who we are, I'm not afraid to do it.

Finally, he emphasizes the importance of developing natural resources.

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Blaine Higgs' team was clearly ready for an election, as shown in the photo of this campaign bus seen in Moncton in early November . The Prime Minister, however, confirms that elections will ultimately not take place this fall. (File photo)

In addition, Steve Outhouse encourages donations from outside the province. Elections New Brunswick clarifies that this is permitted.

Unlike several other provinces, it is not necessary for an individual to reside in New Brunswick to be able to make a contribution; the individual may, during a calendar year, make a contribution or provide financing the maximum combined amount of which does not exceed $3,000, says Elections NB spokesperson Paul Harpelle.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">Steve Outhouse did not wish to grant an interview on this fundraising campaign on Tuesday. However, he indicates that the letter was endorsed by the party and that he has already started sending it to his network. The official launch of this campaign has not yet taken place.

For its part, the Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick has not wanted to comment.

Steve Outhouse is the former strategist for Danielle Smith, who won a majority government in Alberta with the United Conservative Party in May .

The next provincial election in New Brunswick is scheduled for October 2024.

With information from Nicolas Steinbach

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