Hideo Kojima recently posted an image on his Twitter account with three mysterious logos. Thus, the game designer probably announced the release of a new game.

Hideo Kojima announced a new game image with three mysterious logos

Image Source: commons.wikimedia.org
Hideo Kojima chose to leave the published logos without any explanation. The game designer accompanied the image with a no less mysterious phrase about “the beginning of a new journey.” Followers immediately began to wonder what the developer wanted to say with this post. Some users suggested that we are talking about the release of the continuation of the game Death Stranding, which was released in 2019. Other subscribers are convinced that this is a hint at a brand new Overdose project. Information about the latter has already leaked to the Web.

It is possible that Hideo Kojima will present the game at The Game Awards 2022. The ceremony will take place on December 8th. The venue was Microsoft Theater, which is located in Los Angeles. The best games of the outgoing year will be chosen there.

Source: www.igromania.ru


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