Heung-Min Son: Why is he playing with a mask?

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Heung-Min Son: Why is he playing with a mask?

Star of the South Korea team, Heung-Min Son will play the World Cup with a protective mask.

Victim of several fractures to the face after the match of the group stage of the Champions League against; Olympique de Marseille, Heung-Min Son may not be able to play all the World Cup matches in order to consolidate the fractures. But when he is on the pitch, the star of the South Korea national team will have to wear a protective mask. the image of an Antonio Rudiger in order to prevent shocks. 

"I will do my best under these circumstances. But it's hard for me to say now that I will play all the games. […] From the point of view of the fans, perhaps I push too far. But football players always run such risks. I just want to give joy and hope to our fans. I am more than willing to bear these risks" explained Tottenham striker. "These carbon masks are really light and they probably won't break. And if a mask breaks, it means something happened to me. in the face. So I hope it doesn't come to that. "

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Biography Heung-Min Son . 

Heung-Min Son was born on July 8, 1992 at; Chuncheon in South Korea. Coming from a family of footballers whose brother played in the German sixth division and the dad became a coach, Heung-Min Son started football in 2002, largely inspired by by the route from South Korea to the World Cup the same year. Trained to Seoul at Sporting Seoul Dundee Club, he joined the academy of Hamburg SV when he was 16 years old. 

In Germany, the Korean impressed and signed a two-year contract on his 18th birthday. His performances did not go unnoticed by certain legends such as Franz Beckenbauer and he ended up signing for Bayer Leverkusen after three seasons with the professionals at the helm. Hamburg. There are only two seasons left. Leverkusen. Recruited in 2013 for five years in order to make up for the departure of Andre Schurrle at; Chelsea, Heung-Min Son ends up joining England in 2015 and the City of London where it evolves to Tottenham. Over time, the native of Chuncheon has become one of the mainstays of London training.

Heung-Min Son and the Ballon d'Or.

Si Heung-Min Son is one of the serious contenders for the Ballon d'Or 2022 along with Karim Benzema or Sadio Mané, this is not the first time that he has appeared in the list of finalists. In 2019, the Korean had finished 22nd. 

What is Heung-Min Son's salary?

If he progresses to Tottenham since 2015, Heung-Min Son is under contract until June 2025 with the Spurs where he would receive almost 10 million euros per season since his extension in 2021. 

What are Heung-Min Son's stats?

Since the start of his professional club career, Heung-Min Son has played nearly 550 matches including 111 matches with Hamburg (first team and youth teams combined), 87 with Bayer Leverkusen and 338 with Tottenham. The Korean recently overtook the bar of 200 club goals, counting the achievements of Hamburg's youth teams: 36 goals with Hamburg, 29 with Bayer Leverkusen and 136 with Tottenham. With the selection of South Korea, Heung-Min Son has scored 35 goals in 104 games.

What is the ;age of Heung-Min Son?

Né on July 8, 1992 at; Chuncheon in South Korea, Heung-Min Son is 30 years old. 

What is the phone number? #39;Heung-Min Son ?

Whether with Tottenham Hotspur as with the national team of South Korea, Heung-Min Son evolves with number 7.< /p>