Herzliya: the shocking case of a second grader who thought he was a girl

Herzliya: the shocking case of a second grader who thought he was a girl

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 Herzliya: The shocking case of a second grader who thinks he's a girl

Lawyer Roni Sassover, head of the Parents for Tradition Forum, released a recording from a Herzliya city council meeting that discussed the issue of a second grader of one from the city's schools who decided he was a girl.

Only one of the members of the council, Elad Tzadikov, expressed the point of view of the parents of other children of the class, put at the last moment before the fact: “The incident is presented as if it were something private, family, that someone is opposing this beautiful Zionist families, against their boy or girl. This is not a private matter. This is a public event.

The situation is as follows: Today, a seven-year-old child cannot cross the road alone, cannot get a tattoo, cannot look on the Internet whatever he wants. But to decide that he changes sex today – please. This is a syndrome that occurs in 0.03% of the population. 75% of those who have changed sex after some time return to the previous one.

When such a process goes on without the knowledge of the parents for a whole year, without the knowledge of the principal of the school, and they write to the parents that tomorrow morning all students of the second grade at the age of 7 years will be discussing this topic, a minute before the end of the school year, even though they do not have the tools to deal with it, to talk about it, it is absolutely terrible.

I will quote a letter from the director of this school. She writes: “It is important for me to note that I opposed the actions taken. I became aware of this only a few days ago, without any opportunity to study such a process, which is both completely unknown and very sensitive. it is impossible to start this without a deep program and understanding of how it will affect all students and students. I did not sign any document regarding this incident, and therefore did not participate in meetings with parents and students.

I did not invent this – this is a letter from the headmaster. Don't tell me stories about everything being agreed with the school administration. I didn't get up this morning with malicious intent against the school. Parents contact me. But what? – Because of all this crazy front of threats against those who do not think like you, they are afraid to express their own opinion. This is how it should be in a democratic and ready to accept all state, right, Mr. Mayor?”

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