Here it all begins: shock breakup for Greg and Eliott, end of the couple after the harassment of Jude

By Quentin Piton Journalist Series – Cinema Journalist specializing in series, cinema, but also anime and manga. Spends his time dreaming of Emma Watson, considers Olivier Giroud the GOAT and refuses to speak with those who are against the absolute truth which is: How I Met Your Mother is a better series than Friends. While Gims sings “I think everything is fine so far” in the credits of Here it all begins, the plot is far from being so optimistic. In the episode of December 5, 2022, it is the rupture between Eliott and Greg which will be staged. In question ? Harassment towards Jude imagined by the character of Mikaël Mittelstadt.

A few weeks ago, when some trailers for Here it all beginshinted at tensions within the couple formed by Greg (Mikaël Mittelstadt) and Eliott (Nicolas Anselmo), viewers already admitted that they were at the end of their lives and ready to boycott the series in the event of a breakup. Bad news, their threats have not been heard.

It's the end for Greliott

As revealed by our colleagues from Allociné, the two emblematic characters from the Tomorrow belongs to us spin-offwill indeed take advantage of the episode of December 5, 2022 to… break up. How ? Why ? Unsurprisingly given the evolution of the plot in recent days, it is Greg's unhealthy jealousy that will drive the two students away.

Ready to do anything to to avenge the one he considers to be a threat, Greg will simply help Brice to “trap Jude during his public demonstration” by tampering with one of his siphons. The problem ? While Brice will take the opportunity to “belittle” and humiliate the newcomer, this harassment will gradually push Jude to consider suicide.

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An inevitable breakup…

A situation that will quickly spiral out of control to the point of alerting Greg who, after realizing that “Brice has been cheating on him and that it is he who behaves like an executioner“, will end up confessing everything to Eliott, while the latter will always be present with his new friend to help him raise his head.

Also, you guessed it, this terrible confession does not “shocked and dismayed by this disgusting attitude“, Eliott – who will admit to being disappointed to find the old face of his friend, will simply put an end to this story, feeling unable to forgive such hatred and level of harassment.

…but not necessarily definitive

A logical and even healthy breakup for the good of both characters who, we reassure you, could not last forever. Asked recently about the reactions of fans vis-à-vis the future of the couple, Mikaël Mittelstadt had notably confided: “ They are radical! I find it great because it shows a real enthusiasm for this couple. It takes a little patience. If there's a separation because Greg is afraid of Jude and he's stalking, maybe we have to wait and then communicate… So I ask the fans to be patient“.


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