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Hercules: the actor of Hades would have been found, but you will see red

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May30,2024

In the long line of live-action adaptations of Disney classics, here is that a live-action Hercules is in the pipeline. Two years have passed for the future project carried out by Guy Ritchie and produced by the Russo brothers, and little information reaches us. his subject. Casting, filming date, release date, nothing is set yet. in marble. By chance, the interpreter of Hades would have been found.

Hercules: the actor of Hades would have been found, but you will see red

a hadès all found ?

Guy Ritchie, the Russo brothers, Disney brought together of the beautiful world for its live-action adaptation of Hercules. The 50th animated feature film from Disney Studios is entitled to the same treatment as its colleagues, while the latest productions struggle to achieve success. convince. Luckily, Hercules takes his time. Hercules therefore still has a little time ahead of him before heading back to the underworld to face Hadès. But in May 2024, new information is reaching us.

Hercules: the actor of Hades would have been found, but you will see red

The DisInsider site has decided to to move on to action, publishing their information about the project. And According to Skyler Shuler, editor-in-chief of the site, Dua Lipa would be well placed to land the role of Megara.After Argylle by Matthew Vaughn, the British pop star would return in front of the camera, this time to lend his features to the beloved of Hercules. But while the interpreter of the demi-God was not; made official, DisInsider is starting again. the charge by disclosing this time the name of the actor who will be considered for the role. to play Hadès.

Hercules: the actor of Hades would have been found, but you will see red

According to their information, “Hugh Grant is a name I heard Ritchie (I don't know about Disney) wanted for the rô of Hades.”Information available Take with a pinch of salt, obviously. Nevertheless, the role would fit well. the skin of the British actor, made famous by his roles in Four Weddings and a Funeral, Love at first sight. Notting Hill or even Bridget Jones’s Diary. After Wonka by Paul King in 2023 where Grant played Lofty the Oompa Loompa, the actor could well return to service in this live-action adaptation of Hercules.  

Hercules: the actor of Hades would have been found, but you will see red

What about his muses? According to DisInsider, “no one is in the running for muses at the moment“, with Shuler “not even 100% sure that the remake will include the muses“.A likely disappointment for lovers of the Disney animated classic. But there still, nothing is anchored in marble. In any case, the mysteries around Hercules should unravel over the coming months, over the next few months. as the project advances in the shadows and several other media manage to gain access to the news. glean information here and there.

For your part,what do you think about this? the idea of ​​seeing a Hugh Grant embody Hadès in Disney's live-action? Don't hesitate to Take advantage of the comment section just below to answer us.

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