Help for displaced persons: Olena-Kristina Lebyd revealed a popular scam in social networks

 Help for displaced people: Olena-Kristina Lebyd revealed a popular scam in social networks

Olena-Kristina Lebyd. Photo: press service

The presenter of the project “Scammers in the networks” (New channel) explained how the most common deception works, of which anyone can become a victim!

Scams in social networks and messengers are one of the most popular types of fraud. There are a lot of them, but it is real to recognize them. One of the scammers' schemes was exposed by Olena-Kristina Lebid.

The Telegram channel, Facebook and Viber may receive a newsletter: “Payment of aid to displaced persons! State support program”. And the contact person is indicated – says the presenter of the project “Scammers in the nets” on the New Channel. – You write to this Andriy (let's call him that), he happily responds. Promises payments of various amounts. Immediately, without even waiting! Almost tomorrow you will receive from 10 to 60 thousand hryvnias. A person will immediately feel dizzy, because many people are now in a desperate situation, the brain is turned off and emotions are turned on.

The scammer then sends the victim a link asking them to complete a short registration.

This link will ask: card number, expiration date, PIN, among many questions , – Lebyd notes. – Even if a person asks Andrii: “Why is this?”, he will immediately lie: “But you will get money there! Are we supposed to guess telepathically?” And it seems that everything is coming together, so a person enters all the data, hoping to receive an amount from “State Support”. And what will he get? Withdrawing all funds from her card, possibly the last ones she was going to live on.

Olena-Kristina has only one universal advice about this scam.

Do not follow the link “about state payments” in any public! Such payment algorithms can be offered only on the official state website, says the TV presenter. – But definitely not in social networks or messengers.

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