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Hellfest 2025: before the 2024 edition, the next dates already revealed

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun18,2024

In a few days the 2024 edition of Hellfest will begin. But before it even begins, the festival has revealed its dates for 2025. And we know when the tickets will go on sale.

Hellfest 2025: before the

the 2024 edition of hellfest is approaching! big steps

In a little less than ten days,à From Thursday June 27, the 17th edition of Hellfest will begin. The extreme music festival will welcome more than 200 groups and artists for four days, until June 30 inclusive. Despite A mess of cancellations and some organizational problems, everything seems to be back to normal. The Clisson festival, in Loire-Atlantique, is ready to take place. welcome more than 200,000 visitors.

Hellfest 2025: before the 2024 edition, the next dates already revealed

Last year, the 2023 edition of Hellfest was followed by a small controversy shortly after it ended, because many festival-goers felt that the tickets had been put on sale too early, at the end of June. The organizers do not seem to have learned from their mistakes, since you will soon be able to try to get tickets for the 2025 edition.

hellfest 2025: dates, ticket sales… the first info

It's up to you the general surprise that the organizers of Hellfest announced a few hours ago, the 18th edition of the festival will be held from June 19 to 22, 2025. Obviously, for the moment, no group has been included. announced, and we no longer have details to confirm. a close one, and not the least: we know when the first tickets will go on sale. Thus, 4-day passes will be available at purchase from Tuesday July 9, at 1 p.m.Suffice it to say that you should not be in the middle of a meeting at work at any time. at that moment to hope to secure places, which always go away. high speed.

Hellfest 2025: before the 2024 edition, the next dates already revealed

Sales on July 9 will only concern 4-day passes, sold at 329 euros for the 2024 edition. However, it is not at the same price. exclude the possibility of another pass being put on sale within a few months, as was the case for the last edition of Hellfest. No information has been released. press release regarding 1-day tickets.In your opinion, are tickets available too early at this time? procurement ? Tell us in the comments!

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