Hedi case in Marseille: “There will be a before and after among the police”

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SECURITY In the aftermath of the continued detention of one of their BAC colleagues in the Hedi case, the police unions fear that their colleagues will lose motivation , even resign in cascade

Hedi case in Marseille: “ There will be a before and an after among the police ”

Police outside the courtroom in which the member of the BAC who shot a young waiter in Marseilles appeared — Clément Mahoudeau /AFP

  • For fifteen days in Marseille, a wave of sick leave has been sweeping over the French police, after the placement in provisional detention of one of their colleagues indicted in the Hedi case.
  • La cour d' appeal from Aix-en-Provence kept in detention this policeman from the Marseille anti-crime brigade accused of having seriously injured a young man on the sidelines of the riots with a flash-ball shot. The police chief called his troops to order the day after this decision.
  • Police unions report deep unease among their colleagues related to this case.

For fifteen days, the ranks of the police, at Marseille and beyond, are sparse. The fault a movement of anger that gripped the police after the detention of one of their colleagues in the Hedi case. This young man was seriously injured on the sidelines of the riots, victim of LBD fire and beaten by several police officers in the city center of the city. Four members of the anti-crime squad (BAC) have been indicted in this case, and one of them was placed in pre-trial detention. As a sign of protest, a wave of sick leaves swept through the city. on the Marseille police, and beyond.

Among these police officers, some had ticked; the date of August 3 in their calendar, in order to know the outcome of a highly commented hearing. The policeman placed in pre-trial detention, and author of an LBD shot on Hedi, asked for his release. The Aix-en-Provence Court of Appeal rejected this Thursday this request, for fear that the policeman, once free, will not consult with his colleagues indicted on the version to be published. give to the investigators.

Back to; the normal requested

The day after this decision, after having initially supported this police officer in detention, Frédéric Veaux changed his mind. of your. It’s time to call back. the order of the troops, on the return to normal in the name of continuity of public service. In an internal memo, the Director General of the National Police asks that sick leave be henceforth rejected and salary deductions pronounced.

“There was a slow return to work in places,” notes Bruno Bartocetti, national secretary Unity. SGP Police-FO loaded of the southern zone. But this return to work is not done with good heart, with police officers who would have been for some surprised by the decision of the Aix-en-Provence Court of Appeal. “I”t discussed a lot; yesterday with colleagues, said a police officer on condition of anonymity. And there will be a before and after the Hedi affair for the police. They say: “Wait for the next riots, you will see, a lot less people will take risks! They will get the police they deserve.” We are going to face; a real problem of colleagues who are afraid at the administrative level. There will be a wave of requests for transfers to less exposed positions.”

“A fundamental reflection”

“The police are in bad shape and are experiencing a deep malaise, agrees Rudy Manna, spokesman for the Alliance union. Today, we are killing this profession because there are too many difficulties. The job of cop no longer makes sense today. We are asked to call out extremely violent guys. If you believe that we will succeed in challenge them with Tagada strawberries, you are wrong! I think there will be even more resignations this year.”

And to call henceforth to a “genuine deep reflection.” As soon as the decision was rendered, Alliance and Unsa-Police expressed concern in a press release. Common Press Release of “Insecurity” legal” weighing on the police. For its part, the number one of Unity SGP Police-FO calls for a debate on the judicial treatment of police officers, recalling that another was placed in pre-trial detention in connection with the death of young Nahel at Nanterre.

The Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, who received the police unions last week to try to defuse the anger, asked ; to the General Inspectorate of Administration (IGA) to provide it with proposals on “functional protection” police officers. This involves legal assistance and the payment of lawyers' fees in cases of questioning within the framework of their functions.