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Heavy hail knocked off the nose of the Austrian Airlines plane on the approach to Vienna

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun14,2024

>> knocked off the nose of the plane/Bild: Leserreporter/zVg

At the Airbus A320 plane from Austrian Airlines on the approach to the Austrian capital Vienna, a strong hail knocked off the nose and broke the glass of the cockpit. Despite severe weather and significant damage, the pilots managed to land the airliner.

The airliner landed at Vienna International Airport “Schwechat” and no passengers were injured. This was reported, in particular, by the local newspaper Kronen Zeitung and ABC News.

In the photos published on social networks, it can be seen that his nose was broken off, and the cockpit glass was also badly damaged.

During flight OS434 from Palma de Mallorca to Vienna [Sunday June 9], an Airbus A320 was damaged by hail. On the approach to Vienna, the plane got into a thunderstorm cell, which, according to the crew, was not visible on the weather radar. According to current information, the hail damaged the two front windows of the plane's cabin, the nose of the plane (radio dome) and some panels, Austrian Airlines said in a statement. p>

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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