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Heather Stefanson leaves management of the Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba on Monday

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The leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba, Heather Stefanson. (Archive photo)


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Heather Stefanson announces she will step down as leader of the Manitoba Progressive Conservative Party on Monday. She announced the timing of her departure to party members gathered to set the rules for a leadership race to replace her.

At the party leader since October 30, 2021, Heather Stefanson made Manitoba history by being the first woman to serve as premier of this province.

Last fall, she tried to re-elect a Progressive Conservative government for a third time in a row. This time, voters favored the NDP party and Ms. Stefanson announced that she would soon step down as party leader.

The former prime minister says she will remain Tuxedo MP, but she has not committed to keeping her seat until the end of her term. She says the party leadership race could influence her decision.

Heather Stefanson has been the MP for Tuxedo since 2000. She was selected to replace Premier Brian Pallister in 2021, as the Progressive Conservative government's popularity was plummeting free.

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She tried to move her party away from the austerity imposed since her election in 2016. I believe we have done a lot of progress in a very short period, but that was not enough to merit forming the government again, indicates the leader of the opposition.

I believe that as a party, we are going to have to go through a very healthy leadership race, and I can't wait to see who takes the reins, she adds.

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