Head of the PNP seeks to benefit his secretaries in promotions

Head of the PNP seeks to benefit his secretaries in promotions

Personnel working with the police commanding general were included in a congratulatory proposal. The reason is to have maintained public order in a march against the Government.

Head of the PNP seeks to benefit his secretaries in the promotions

The general commander of the PNP, Luis Vera Llerena, has been the highest chief of police since the end of May by order of Castillo. JULIO REAÑO/FILE

One of the main incentives that police personnel (officers and non-commissioned officers) have for their distinguished work are congratulatory resolutions, indicate the internal regulations of the PNP. These acquire greater value depending on who signs it: it can be the general in charge of the unit, the general commander of the institution, the Minister of the Interior and, at its highest level, the President of the Republic through a supreme resolution. . Such a job can make a difference when applying for a promotion: it provides an additional three to six points in evaluations, enough to put you ahead of other applicants.

For this reason, congratulatory resolutions are considered a right within the PNP and should be issued only in exceptional cases, when what has been done is an undoubtedly outstanding act, outside the actions of the police mission and function.

“It occurs when the meritorious action or exceptional event to recognize or encourage has international connotation and recognition, raising the name of the image and prestige of our country,” says the PNP directive on the congratulations given through resolutions supreme.

The same directive establishes administrative sanctions for cases in which partiality or falsehood is shown when granting the incentives, which are translated into points keys to promotions.

The boss circle

This newspaper identified that the general commander of the PNP, Luis Vera Llerena, intends to benefit personnel who work with him in the administrative area, such as his secretaries, with this modality. They are PNP Colonel Edwin Gutiérrez Tuesta, PNP Commander Moisés Cárdenas Reynaga and PNP Lieutenant Mercedes Vargas Legua.

In an official letter dated June 18, the head of the PNP included his trusted personnel in a list of 1,800 police officers who, in his opinion, should receive congratulations at the level of a supreme resolution for their “outstanding work in carrying out their functions”, by maintaining public order and vehicular traffic during the protest against the government of Pedro Castillo on June 4. The march was called Out, Castle, Out and had the Champ de Mars as its concentration point.

Vera Llerena signed the letter and transferred it to the then Minister of the Interior, Dimitri Senmache, so that the corresponding process could begin. At the closing of this note, the brief has not yet been ratified. For now, it has only remained as a proposal made by the PNP's top boss.


This newspaper tried to communicate with the general commander of the PNP, but he did not answer the calls. The one who did so was Colonel PNP Gutiérrez Tuesta, who said that he feels “with a clear conscience”, since the request for congratulations was given as a result of his work.

Consulted in this regard, the officer, who confirmed that he works with Vera Llerena, did not give further details about why he was included in the list sent to Senmache. PNP Lieutenant Vargas Legua did not want to comment either, she limited herself to pointing out that the information must be requested through the institution's Communication and Image Directorate.

Commander PNP Cárdenas did not answer calls from El Comercio. Unlike Gutiérrez Tuesta and Vargas Legua, this officer had already been working in the general command before Vera Llerena entered, at the end of May and by order of the then Minister Senmache, with the authorization of the head of state.

More informationThe silence of the commanding general

Sources in the police institution have shown their surprise at the silence that the commanding general of the PNP has chosen, after Bruno Pacheco's complaint about bribery in promotions and the creation of the special team of the PNP.

The same sources point out that General Luis Vera has not liked the creation of this team to support the investigations of Superior Prosecutor Marita Barreto . The answer would lie, the sources affirm, in the close relationship that he has established with President Castillo. Vera has been to the Palace three times this month.