Head of the Digimin has ties to a congressman who would be from 'Los Niños'

Head of the Digimin has ties to a congressman who would be from 'Los Niños'

Whitman Ríos and legislator Darwin Espinoza worked in 2015 in the brief administration of Waldo Ríos as head of the Regional Government of Áncash.

Head of the Digimin has ties with congressman who would be from ‘Los Ni’

The head of Digimin worked in 2015 in the management of the former regional governor of Áncash Waldo Ríos.

The new head of the General Directorate of Intelligence of the Mininter (Digimin), Whitman Ríos Adrianzén< b>, has ties to Popular Action (AP) congressman Darwin Espinoza, pointed out by lobbyist Karelim López as a member of one of 'Los Niños', as identified by this newspaper.

It is a labor coincidence that dates back to 2015. That year, both worked in the brief administration of Waldo Ríos Salcedo convicted of corruption in the Ancash Regional Government. Both held positions of trust in that controversial administration, which lasted from May 2015 to October 2016.

The current parliamentarian was an advisor to the former regional governor from June 2015 to December of that year, according to his affidavit that he presented when he entered Congress. Various photographs on social networks show the close relationship between Espinoza and Ríos Salcedo.

Meanwhile, Ríos Adrianzén was appointed by Ríos Salcedo as Regional Development Manager Economic and worked there until August 18, 2015, according to regional executive resolution 0740-2015. Sources from El Comercio point out that in that period the closeness between the current head of Digimin and the legislator was born.

When asked about it, Espinoza replied that he only knew Whitman Ríos during the time he worked in the regional government. He said that after that he lost track of her. Furthermore, he denied that he mediated his appointment to the Digimin.

Meanwhile, Ríos Adrianzén denied knowing the congressman. “I don't know any Darwin Espinoza,” said General PNP (r) despite being told that they worked together in Ancash.

Four days before Ríos Adrianzén was removed from office, Yuri Espinoza Vargas, brother of the Acción Popular legislator, was appointed sub-regional director of Transport and Communications for that governorate in Áncash, a position he held until November 19 of that year. .

Yuri Espinoza is, like his brother, a member of the Lampa party and is a candidate for the Regional Government of Áncash.

Yuri and Darwin did not they are the only ones in their family who have a relationship with the regional government. His younger sister, Yndrigd Espinoza, registered contracts with that government in August, September, November and December of last year.

First visits

Ríos Adrianzén was named head of Digimin last Wednesday by Interior Minister Willy Huerta. Since then, he has received a number of visits. One of them was that of the lawyer and former legal representative of the Alliance for Progress party, Carlos Francisco Santolalla Tolentino.

Ríos Adrianzén met with Santolalla, according to the Ministry of Inter's visit log, for four hours. The day before, the head of the Digimin received Colonel PNP (r) Víctor Tuesta Castro, with whom he held a one-hour working meeting, according to the visit records.

Similarly, that same August 4, Ríos Adrianzén met with Armando Cajamarca Sánchez. According to the registry, Cajamarca arrived on behalf of the National Intelligence Directorate (DINI) and met with the Digimin chief for eight hours.

Brother of the general< /h2>

The Digimin chief's brother is named Ronald Antonio Ríos Adrianzén. A lawyer by profession, he was responsible for the Migration Services Department of Migrations at the time that Edgard Reymundo (today a congressman from Together for Peru) was the superintendent of that entity, during the government of Ollanta Humala.

Ronald Ríos Adrianzén registers contracts with the State during Castillo's administration, according to this newspaper. The contracts specifically were issued by the Ministry of Justice for a total of S/123 thousand.

According to the Transparency portal, the boss's brother of Digimin was contracted to provide services in “specialized law issues”. His last contract was in May of this year, for S/36 thousand.

Ronald Ríos Adrianzén appears with a visit to the public prosecutor of the Minjus, Erick Villaverde Sotelo, which dates from March 28 of this year, according to the records. It was indicated that the reason for the meeting was the “provision of services”.

Yesterday, this newspaper reported that the current head of the Digimin hindered the search for the terrorist Florindo Eleuterio Flores, 'Artemio', when Ríos Adrianzén was the PNP general in the Huallaga Police Front. Asked about his performance, Ríos Adrianzén stated that it is “a hoax”. He denied the syndication, but did not give details.

More informationVisits to the Minister of the Interior

At the end of July, the Minister of the Interior, Willy Huerta, received a visit from Abel Tarazona Melitón, former leader of the transfer commission of that sector and very close to Pedro Castillo. The appointments were on the 25th and 27th. On both occasions, Tarazona registered as DINI personnel.