He watched them practice vice.. Fayoum felonies issued their verdict on the killer of his wife and brother-in-law

He watched them practice vice.. Fayoum felonies issued their verdict on the killer of his wife and brother-in-law

He watched them practice vice.. Fayoum felonies issued their verdict on the killer of his wife and brother-in-law

June 11, 2021 by archyde

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Fayoum Criminal Court, headed by Counselor Junaidi Hussein Al-Wakeel, President of the Fayoum Criminal Court, and the membership of counselors Osama Abdel Moneim Salem, Alaa Mohamed Abdel Wahab, and Hazem Mohamed Salman’s secretariat, decided to punish Mahmoud Ahmed Fathi El-Sayed Abdel Fattah, a poultry trader in the Senouras Center in Fayoum Governorate, with three years’ imprisonment with hard labor With the criminal expenses and the confiscation of the white weapons seized for killing his “wife” and his sister’s husband, with two knives and slaughtering them after he saw them in the “marital bed naked,” he surrendered himself to the Senours police station and confessed to committing the incident.

On October 3, 2020, the Fayoum Prosecution indicted the accused, accusing them of killing the two victims, “A. K.Q., the wife of the accused, and Muhammad M. A” the brother-in-law of the accused’s sister deliberately took two “knives” and stabbed and slaughtered them with the intent to take their lives. He also acquired two white weapons (knives) without having a legal justification for carrying them.

While the Fayoum Criminal Court amended the case of the accused after hearing witnesses to the incident and police investigations from the charge of murder to the crime of “adultery”, the court said that on October 3, 2020, the accused surprised his victim wife, Alia K.Q. He and the victim, Muhammad Maa, his sister’s husband, committed adultery and stabbed and slaughtered them using two knives with the intent of taking their souls and causing injuries that cost their lives, and acquired two knives without a legal justification for their carrying.

The Fayoum Criminal Court filed the reasons for the 3-year prison sentence for the accused who killed his wife and his sister-in-law with two knives by stabbing them several times that claimed their lives. He returned untimely to his house at about half past six in the morning and while he was opening his house, he was surprised by the victim, his sister’s husband, Muhammad Ma, inside him completely naked and heading towards the kitchen, which made him crazy, so he closed the door of the house to prevent him from escaping and picked up a knife at the scene of the incident and headed towards him, who In turn, the enemy ran towards the bedroom to get dressed, and as soon as he managed to hit him twice on the chest and hit him in the face, he fell to the ground at that time and saw his victim wife “A. K.Q., 24 years old, was inside the bedroom completely naked, and as soon as she saw him she tried to put her clothes on and hurried to the dorm hall, so he chased after her and stabbed her twice with a knife in her face and stomach, then slaughtered her from the neck, intending to take her soul, and as soon as the accused confirmed the death of the victim On her while he was still on his forehead, he saw his wife, the victim, who was dead, and he saw the victim, Muhammad Ma. He is still alive, so he brought another knife and slaughtered him from his neck and stabbed him several times all over his body until his soul overflowed.

The court heard the statements of Major Osama Muhammad Qarni, head of the investigations of the Senoras Police Station, who said that his investigations revealed a vicious relationship between the two victims, taking advantage of the accused’s going out to work most of the morning and their meeting in the marital home and practicing vice. On the day of the incident, when the accused returned to his home to bring work tools, knives for his workplace, and while he opened his house, he was surprised by the two victims in the act of adultery, so he immediately brought a knife and assaulted them, intending to kill them in revenge for his honor. Then he went to the police station to turn himself in and confessed.

Colonel Jamal Bayoumi, the Superintendent of Sennuris Police Station, testified that while I was in my workplace at the police station, he came to the accused and confessed to committing the murder. He moved with him to the scene of the incident and saw the bodies of the two victims lying on the ground, naked and covered in their blood, with two knives next to them.

The prosecution heard the statements of the accused’s friend, Osama Rashad Abdel-Tawab, who said that the accused works with him in the shop, especially for selling poultry, and that on the day of the incident it was a ban. The accused 5:45 in the morning and they went together to the poultry market and bought poultry, and after that the accused said that he forgot the knives in his house and asked me for my motorcycle to go with it to get the knives, but I was surprised by him calling me and informing me that he committed the murder of his wife and sister-in-law.

The accused told, before the court, the details of his crime, whose first moments began with his arrival at his home, and hearing strange sounds from his bedroom, to decide to storm it and discover a shocking surprise, describing it in short words: “I found my wife and my sister’s husband a disgraceful person practicing vice,” and she moved very quickly and without hesitation towards the kitchen I brought a knife, adding, “I stabbed them and slaughtered my sister’s walnut, and my wife and I sat next to the corpses,” and then surrendered myself to the police.

The director of Fayoum Security had received a notification from the warden of the Senoras Police Department, that two people had been found dead inside a house in Senoures Center, and investigations revealed that the victim’s husband “Mahmoud. S., 27 years old, a poultry trader, is the perpetrator of the crime. It was found that he left his house in the morning heading to the market. He discovered that he had forgotten the key to his shop in the house, so he went back to fetch it, and surprised his wife of 24 years, and his sister’s husband in the apartment was naked and practicing lewdness, so he slaughtered them.

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