He was sent off in the Cali game against Magdalena. 

Deportivo Cali continues in its deep crisis and nothing has come out of the League Cup. Now they drew 2-2 at home against Unión Magdalena, just before the classic against América.

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Red for Teo

It couldn't have been worse in the match against Unión Magdalena, they started losing. Minutes later, Teófilo Gutiérrez would see the red card, after a strong tackle on Ricardo Márquez. From the outset, the central defender did not sanction the infraction.

With the game stopped, theVAR called the central defender to review the action. The Cali captain's kick was at a high point of contact, with force, so he did not hesitate to show a direct red card. Despite this, the sugar producers managed to tie the match minutes later.

Teo, with this red, misses the game against America on date 10, in the classics day.

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