He raped her and threw her alive in a bag off a cliff: a Ukrainian almost killed a 15-year-old girl in the Czech Republic

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He raped and threw her alive in a bag off a cliff: in the Czech Republic, a Ukrainian almost killed a 15-year-old girl

Photo : ua.depositphotos.com

In the Czech Republic, an 18-year-old Ukrainian raped and tried to kill a 15-year-old girl. He was detained and sent to custody.

The tragedy happened last Wednesday, August 9, in the Czech city of Pilsen. According to the currently established facts, the boy lured the girl for a walk by the river, reports denik.cz.

"Since the girl had known the man for some time, she agreed. After some time, the man changed his direction and unexpectedly went to the nearest forest", – explained police spokeswoman Mihaela Reindlova.

After that, the young man tied the girl's hands, taped her mouth shut and raped her. He inflicted stab wounds on her and threatened to kill her.

“Then he wrapped the girl in a bag, threw her off the cliff into the forest and disappeared from the scene of the crime. The girl, who faked death, which probably saved her life, managed to escape from the scene and call an ambulance. She immediately informed us about this case", – Raindlova added.

Such an act of the suspect provoked a wave of hatred towards refugees from Ukraine. Some residents allegedly even tried to organize a protest. The police managed to prevent this.

President of the Czech Republic Petr Pavel reacted to the scandalous incident in Pilsen.

"Infusing negative emotions to an unmanageable level only leads to the fact that we become , which we oppose. I highly appreciate the position of our citizens, who are still united in their desire to promote justice, truth and solidarity", – he wrote on Twitter.

It is noted that the boy has been living in the country for quite some time and is not a refugee who left Ukraine due to a full-scale war.

Prepared by Serhiy Daga