He is not a starter and his game is not convincing in Argentina.

He is not a starter and his game is not convincing in Argentina.

Colombian Miguel Borja entered to play the last 30 minutes at River Plate and it was enough for him to give two assists and score his first goal in the Millionaire, which thrashed Aldosivi 3-0 on Sunday in the tenth date of the 2022 League of Argentine soccer.

Borja, from Junior de Barranquilla and who signed his contract with River twelve days ago, had already played for a while last week against Gimnasia and Esgrima, and this Sunday DT Marcelo Gallardo brought him in again at 15 of the second half.

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< br>And ten minutes later, the Colombian striker was decisive in breaking parity by giving the assist for the first goal with a chest pass, which was scored by Agustín Palavecino(71), immediately went alone down the middle and, instead of defining, she preferred to give the pass so that Lucas Beltrán (73) pushed her into the empty goal.

Borja completed his task with his first goal in River, the third in the win, when Aldosivi lost the ball at the start and the Colombian went down the center again, but this time he sentenced goalkeeper Devecchi with a low and accurate shot.

But although Borja is in the glorious ones, the one who does not have a good time is the other Colombian, Juan Fernando Quintero, who doesn't play.

The Colombian has a bad time

Quintero is experiencing a situation that is not clear. He returned from Chinese soccer, but his performance has not been the best, it has not been what was expected by the fans, managers and by Gallardo himself. so there is talk of his possible departure from the millionaire club.

He is not a starter and his game is not convincing in Argentina.

To this is added that in Brazil it is indicated that Santos is interested in having the Colombian. At least that is clear from the information found in 'Globo Esporte'.

It's a big problem

“Santos tries to sign Juan Quintero, a Colombian midfielder who is at River Plate in Argentina . The negotiation is not easy, but Santos understands that they need a midfielder and intends to make an effort to sign him”, they say.

TNT Sports of Brazil assures that Quintero asks for something like 100 thousand dollars a month as a salary, but the Santos team warns that it is a very high figure.

“Santos sees the value as high and tries to lower it, but he is doing well in the negotiations of other contract terms. Still, doing it well is considered difficult internally,” he pointed out.

Quintero is tied to River Plate until December 2022 and then whoever wants it will have to negotiate with the Chinese team Shenzhen.

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