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He fulfilled his dream: the defender from the Lviv region danced on the big stage with a prosthesis

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun13,2024

He fulfilled his dream: the defender from Lviv danced on the big stage with a prosthesis

Oleg Slyvar danced on stage with a prosthesis/Ukrinform

Oleg Slyvar, a defender from Lviv Oblast who survived a severe wound in Donetsk Oblast and amputation, danced again on the big stage. It happened during the report concert of the folk dance ensemble “Verkhovinka” in Drohobych.

His sister, Anna Slyvar, shared her emotions on the Facebook social network.

What I experienced today during the reporting concert and during my Oleg's performance are emotions that cannot be described in words. Although I rarely say this, Oleg Slyvar, I am proud of you, and I am happy that God gave you a second life, precisely for such moments, precisely so that people do not forget so many Heroes at the moment titanically fighting for our freedom,
– she noted.

According to journalist Yaroslav Hrytsyk, the concert at the Ivan Franko People's House was full of emotions, especially thanks to the new choreographic performance “People – Titans”. Oleg Slyvar, a graduate of the ensemble, fulfilled his dream by dancing on a prosthesis, which symbolized indomitable spirit.

Oleg Slyvar, 26-year-old native of Drohobych, before the war was professionally involved folk dances. In 2022, he was mobilized to the National Guard and fought in Donetsk region, where he suffered numerous shrapnel wounds. During the evacuation, due to heavy shelling, he had to administer painkillers himself and wait for rescue.

During the evacuation, he was given a second dose of painkillers, but his heart stopped. The doctor persistently performed direct heart massage for 30 minutes, saving his life.

Natasha Kumar

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