He faces Pasto this Monday on date 5 of the League.

He faces Pasto this Monday on date 5 of the League.

Atlético Nacional suffers the consequences of the short time it had since becoming champion and the start of the second championship of the year. Then After beating Tolima in the Final, the next competition started with practically no preparation or rest. Today, he is at the bottom of the table, with just 2 points in the 4 games he has played.

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The time for takeoff has come for Nacional, when they face Deportivo Pasto at their home, at 8:00: 05 p.m. m. with TV from Win Sports +.

He faces Pasto this Monday on date 5 of the League.

The team, which recently achieved the star, faces the criticism typical of a great that suffers at the start of the new championship. Nacional could barely tie at home against Cortuluá and away against Tolima. But he lost key games against Millonarios, at Atanasio Girardot, and on a visit to Junior de Barranquilla. in the previous semester, when in the first 4 dates he had 7 points and a performance of 58 percent.

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The coach Hernán Darío Herrera has asked the fans for patience while the team resumes rhythm that he brought and that led him to win the last championship.

“We must have more confidence, more matches and more working time. We have to watch and work for this team to improve. In Nacional, the coach is willing to be questioned, especially when games are lost”, said Herrera after the defeat against Junior on Thursday in the quarterfinals of the Colombia Cup.

So the situation of Nacional already worries. Today is the opportunity for the champion to shake up and start to make a difference in the League, as those at the top begin to take a significant advantage in the table.


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