He defended the call of James, and of various pillars of the past. tumble? No. He appealed to continuity.

He defended the call of James, and of various pillars of the past. tumble? No. He appealed to continuity.

The 'new' Colombia National Team, that of Néstor Lorenzo, the one that begins to rebuild itself from the ashes to think about going to the next World Cup, it was not so new.

It is basically a National Team that stands on its old pillars, on experienced players, on James, Falcao, Cuadrado and Ospina.

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Néstor Lorenzo did not start remodeling for his first call, for his first blank in the upcoming friendlies against Guatemala and Mexico, in the United States.

This new cycle begins with the most experienced in the front row of battle. And there is a certain national itch, especially for James, who went on to last six months without playing, and yet heads the list of 26 players cited.

You need it

Lorenzo It was clear, he takes it because he needs a player with his experience to start the work; he chose not to leave him out, despite his inactivity (just yesterday he signed for Olympiacos from Greece), to help him rebuild.

Because he believes, he says, that he can give a lot at the beginning of a process like this. “Young people need trust and time. And there are others likeJames, Cuadrado, Ospina, Falcao who are natural leaders who can contribute to us on and off the field… We spoke with James and I noticed that he wanted to be there and give himself fully to the National Team. He convinced me, “said Lorenzo, who received a barrage of questions for that decision.

He defended the call of James, and of various pillars of the past. Romp? No. He appealed to continuity.

Whether James is going to be more important inside than outside or outside than inside, that remains to be seen. From the outset , the message sent by the DT is that he trusts him, appreciates that he got a team in Greece, and has it on his list, and defends having it there.

For those who wanted to see renewal, or shaking; for those who expected Lorenzo to arrive at yesterday's press conference armed with a broom in his hand to signify that his was a sweep of the team that could not go to Qatar, and that he was going to put together a new, new team, and supposedly very local, well no.

Preserves a structure

Lorenzo, who worked with Pékerman, who knows what the qualifiers are like, chooses to maintain a structure for his battle, not only with the referents, but also with players like Dávinson Sánchez, Stefan Medina, Wílmar Barrios, Matheus Uribe, Rafael Santos Borré, Jéfferson Lerma or Daniel Muñoz to name several who continue in this 'new old' Selection.

And if it were up to Lorenza, Duván Zapata, Juanfer Quintero and Yerry Mina, injured, would also have been. That is its structure, at least for this boot. What if it will be renewed later? Time will tell, because what Lorenzo says today is that he does not have that time to start from scratch, much less to play local players, national team players… That is an implicit conclusion of his press conference.

In any case, if you dig into the list, there are some new faces. In the goal, Lorenzo opted for Álvaro Montero, from Millonarios, as his third archer (although he was already in the past). He had it in a recent microcycle.

To the defense he leads Andrés Llinás, another of Millonarios who is doing very well; He also summons a striker who long ago clamored to be there and be seen up close like Luis Sinisterra, who is now scoring goals at Leeds in England.

And Duran?

Carries Óscar Estupiñán, striker for Hull City
in the English second division. And if they wanted surprises, then there is Jhon Jader Durán, who?, Jhon Jáder Durán,the 18-year-old who is in the MLS, or Yáser Asprilla, who? Asprilla, another 18, the one from Watford.

Or Jorge Carrascal, who can enter the list of new ones. There were also some who fell, like Jhon Arias, who did not have a Visa.

Why didn't he call more local players? Why James yes and not, for example, Daniel Ruiz from Millonarios? Lorenzo was spot on: “We can't compare Ruiz to James,” he said.

That means that, for Lorenzo, pears cannot be compared with oranges even if the pears are tasty. Lorenzo drew a line: to start he wants an army seasoned in other wars, and to bring some who are on that path closer, with that projection.

Lorenzo added that this was a moment to count on the European potential, and that those from the local environment will have their chance.

“There are some players who have given a lot. It has conditions, I like them. But I can not carry 40 ”, he added.

And in the midst of the national shake-up generated by his first call-up, it is clear that Lorenzo wants to take full advantage of Luis Díaz, the best Colombian player of the moment. And he said that he will not throw his backpack on top of him so that he can carry all the weight, that the challenge will be to surround him and help him…

Lorenzo has already put his chest to the first gale, he made some decisions. Now the games, and how the team plays, and the results they get, will be their judgement.

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