He defeated Danka Kovinic on Monday in the first round.

He defeated Danka Kovinic on Monday in the first round.

As a tennis icon Serena Williams is playing her last US Open tournament, while also getting ready for the next stage of his career off the pitch.

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Williams, 40, says she will focus on her family and her venture capital firm after tennis. She hopes to one day manage a billion dollar fund. “It's what I really like to do,” Williams said in an interview with Bloomberg just before he announced his retirement this month.

Triumphant debut

He defeated Danka Kovinic in the first round on Monday.

Dressed as a gala, the tennis player faced Danka Kovinic from Montenegro in the first round, at the Arthur Ashe Stadium, which was packed to see the legendary tennis player in what will be her last US Open. It was a 6-3, 6-3 victory, amidst applause.

Regardless of how far she progresses in this year's tournament, she will leave her sport as one of the greatest athletes of all time after winning 23 Grand Slam tournaments in a 27-year career that began when she was just a teenager.

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Her future

Her success has also followed her off the court. Earlier this year, Serena Ventures, his early-stage venture capital firm, raised $111 million from banks and individual investors.

Williams has served as an angel investor for the past decade, putting money into dozens of from companies including Impossible Foods, Daily Harvest and MasterClass.

“I like being good at what I do and I really enjoy being on top of what I'm doing,” said Williams. “Obviously I'll have to work hard to get there, but I have a lot of drive. I'm motivated to continue to work hard and do whatever it takes to be at the highest level.”


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