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We may be less aware of it, but there is a race for the Democratic nomination in view of the presidential election in November. Candidate Dean Phillips is going out of his way to prevent the coronation of Joe Biden, even if this battle against the outgoing president is lost in advance.

< p>He dares to challenge Joe Biden to prevent a coronation | American elections 2024

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Dean Phillips intrigues and interests Democrats looking for new blood at the head of the party.

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In one of the restaurant rooms Old Salt, an institution known to Hampton locals for its Sunday morning brunch, the crowd is attentive and responds by nodding when the politician introduces himself. The room is in any case packed.

This man who interacts with the citizens is called Dean Phillips. Few people know him here in rural New Hampshire, but they know he's running for the Democratic Party nomination in November's presidential election. In short, he is the only elected official in the party who dares to challenge the 81-year-old outgoing president, Joe Biden.

A vote for Joe Biden is a vote for Donald Trump, because Biden will lose to him, he claims. I give you a platform of hope and opportunity to change some of the current absurdities.

Without a big budget, it relies heavily on word of mouth, like in the good old days. And so he takes the time to answer questions from the audience. If each of you in this room tells 10 people about me, in order to encourage their participation, or even to change the minds of some of those who intend to vote for a another vision, go ahead, he says.

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In front of assembled voters curious to hear him, this Minnesota Democratic representative in Congress claims to have been excommunicated from his party for having launched a primary race against Joe Biden and having called him the weakest option for face Donald Trump in 2024. One of his inspirations? Republican Liz Cheney.

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Dean Phillips wants to encourage other elected Democrats to run against Joe Biden for the nomination.

You know what happened to him for having had the #x27;audacity to simply have principles and respect your oath to our Constitution? She was excommunicated. He was told to leave his party, he says.

Mr. Phillips says he had the audacity to run for president by submitting a candidacy file for US$1,000. Do you know what this did for me? Essentially, I am excommunicated from the Democratic Party.

Dean Phillips accuses his Democratic colleagues of privately recognizing Biden's electoral weakness, in a manner similar to the accusations made by Ms. Cheney against her Republican colleagues who, according to her, did not want to make public their concerns privately about Donald Trump.

I saw the same disease that afflicted the right, who said horrible things about Donald Trump silently, then went on camera publicly and said something completely different, lying to America, Mr. Phillips claims. He sees the same symptoms in his own colleagues in the Democratic parliamentary group.

Holding an MBA from the Carlson School of Business at the University of Minnesota, Dean Phillips worked in various small businesses and eventually led the x27;family business, Phillips Distilling. He then helped grow Talenti Gelato into one of the country's best-known ice cream brands and opened Penny's Coffee, a small business in the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis.

Elected in 2018, then re-elected in 2020 and 2022 to Congress, he therefore threw himself body and soul, a few months ago, into this challenge against the president outgoing.

You all know that I torpedoed my career in Congress ; I knew I would do it the day I announced my candidacy. I won't run again, but I did so so as not to torpedo this entire country.

A quote from Dean Phillips, candidate for the Democratic nomination

An audacity that makes people cringe within the party, even if they try to brush aside Mr. Phillips' mistrust. Joe Biden's campaign's senior communications adviser, T. J. Ducklo, isn't worried about possible damage from Dean Phillips' comments about Joe Biden's advanced age and the threat that -this would represent for democracy. We don't worry about it, summarizes Mr. Ducklo.

Mr. Phillips framed his candidacy less in terms of his policy differences with Mr. Biden than in terms of his concerns about the current president's strength in a clash with Donald Trump. I don't see myself as a candidate against Joe Biden. I see this campaign as calling into question a system.

Dean Phillips supports Medicare for All legislation, aligning himself with the progressive movement in one of his long-standing grievances at the ;with regard to the positions of the White House. I 100% support a national health insurance program because we will save money, we will get better outcomes, and we will have a mental and emotional health care system.

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Dean Phillips' speech contrasts with that of the Democratic Party authorities.

However, he is not in favor of banning almost all private insurance, which would be precisely the case for a health insurance system for all. But his decision represents a symbolic step toward progressive politics for a member of the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus, who has long been associated with the centrist wing of the Democratic Party.

It's also a way to show that Dean Phillips is seeking to curry favor with progressive voters who may be disillusioned with Joe Biden as he runs his primary campaign against the president.

At the end of the gathering, among the more than a hundred curious people, some were won over by this refreshing dialogue. I think it was inspiring, said Cait Guyette, a voter from Massachusetts visiting New Hampshire, who listened with interest to Mr. Phillips' speech. It's nice to feel positive about a political candidate instead of voting against something.

Ms. Guyette voted for Joe Biden four years ago, but is going through an existential crisis ahead of the November election. I don't want to waste my vote on a third party, but I don't feel great about the Democratic Party right now; I'm really disappointed, as a lifelong Democrat.

Robert Saltmarsh, a fifty-year-old from Hampton, agrees.

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He is a man of common sense who says it like it is #x27;they are. He is not a politician like the other Washington clowns who promise things that make no sense. I was very, very impressed.

A quote from New Hampshire voter Robert Saltmarsh

Does he think Dean Phillips has any chance of winning? Probably not, but maybe one day we'll have a groundswell in this country to have someone eligible, Mr. Saltmarsh hopes. There are 350 million of us; How come we can't have more competent people to run for president?

Dean Phillips and author Marianne Williamson were the best-known of the 21 names on the Democratic ballot for the New Hampshire primary. Others include Brooklyn's Paperboy Joy Prince, a nonbinary activist who focused his campaign on love, and Vermin Supreme, an artist who wears a large black boot on his head.

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Among the candidates for the Democratic nomination is Vermin Supreme, an artist wearing a boot.< /p>

But on primary night, there were no surprises, and Joe Biden was crowned the big winner with nearly 64% of the vote to Dean Phillips' 19%. And this, even if the American president did not appear on the ballots, the consequence of a bickering between the authorities of the Democratic Party of the state and the Democratic National Committee.

Nothing, however, to slow down the elected official from Minnesota, who intends to continue his campaign during which he ardently suggests to the tenors of the Democratic Party that they have the audacity to also enter the race against Joe Biden.

My message to Governor Newsom of California, Governor Pritzker of Illinois and Governor Whitmer of Michigan is: Take the plunge, the water is warm, don't tap dance , let's do it together. If the goal is to beat Donald Trump, I think this is the best way to do it.

A quote from Dean Phillips, candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination

In the event of failure in his quest in other Democratic primaries, an inescapable fact, Dean Phillips is not closing the door on joining the ranks of No Labels, a third party who is looking for a candidate for the November presidential election, under this so-called non-partisan label. At the risk of further dividing the progressive and Democratic vote.

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