He achieved gold in the BMX series competition. 

Colombian Mariana Pajón, triple Olympic medalist in bicycling, ratified her power by winning the heats this Friday at the XIX Bolivarian Games , in Valledupar,

Pajón, Olympic runner-up in BMX and gold in London 2012 and Rio 2016,< /b> the Ecuadorian Doménica Azuero and Doménica Mora, silver and bronze medals, respectively, were imposed in the test.

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The 30-year-old Colombian did not give her rivals room to endorse her crown. Despite competing with an injured right hand, the runner authoritatively dominated the three races against six riders from Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Peru.

“I feel very happy to have won this medal in Valledupar and on a new track.It was only three heats, really three finals and that made it more challenging. He couldn't give any advantages. From the first I knew I had to do a good lap and feel good. There was a lot of wind,” Pajón told reporters.

The Colombian athlete was in doubt after injuring one of her fingers in a fall suffered during a valid BMX World Cup in Papendal (Netherlands).

To comply with the test on the track built in the 'Villa Dariana Lot', he used a kind of splint, hence the tears.

“It was horrible. There was too much pain. I had to adapt myself with special handles to be able to hold the handlebars. It was holding on. Clench your teeth,” acknowledged the two-time Olympic champion.

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