Hawaii authorities have changed data on the number of victims of fires based on DNA tests

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Hawaii authorities change fire death toll data based on DNA tests

Photo: apnews.com

In Hawaii, based on the results of DNA tests, the authorities adjusted the data on the number of people killed as a result of the forest fire in Maui, reports AP.

Previously, officials said that, in their opinion, under at least 115 people died in the fire, but further testing revealed that they had several DNA samples from some of the victims. According to which at least 97 people were killed.

The number of missing also dropped from 41 to 31.

POW/MIA Laboratory Director John Byrd said during a news conference that the current number the death toll should be considered minimal because it is possible that the death toll could rise.

Determining the death toll in Lahaina was particularly difficult due to the damage caused by the fire and the chaos as people tried to escape. Therefore, in some cases, animal remains were accidentally collected with human remains.

According to Maui Police Chief John Pelletier, 74 dead have been identified at this time.

BAGNET< /strong> reminds that fires in Hawaii started due to extreme heat, and the wind from hurricane "Dora" spread the fire over hundreds of kilometers. Also, Maxar showed satellite images before and after the fire in Hawaii.

And on August 16, the Governor of the state of Hawaii, Josh Green, announced that the number of people killed due to forest fires in Hawaii exceeded a hundred.

Prepared by: Serhiy Daga