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Maison des agedîn&eacute ;s of Havre-Saint-Pierre: impatient elected officials

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Elected officials from Minganie want more transparency regarding delays in the construction of the Seniors’ Home in Havre-Saint-Pierre. (Archive photo)

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Elected officials of the MRC of Minganie are losing patience with the issue of the Havre-Saint-Pierre Seniors' Home. Tuesday, during the MRC council, they called on the Quebec government to make the project a priority.

This has been stopped for several months already, due to problems with the waterproofing of the exterior walls.

The mayors and the prefect of the MRC of Minganie are asking for the correct information regarding the work, for which they say they have not received an up-to-date schedule from the Société québécoise des infrastructures, the site manager.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">Elected officials denounced the lack of transparency of the Société québécoise des infrastructures, responsible for the project. The last press release from the government and the Société québécoise des infrastructures was issued last September, said Fanie Boudreau, the general director and deputy clerk-treasurer of the MRC de Minganie, during Tuesday's council.

This is not the first time that the lack of transparency has been denounced by elected officials and the population of the region, in the file.

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The construction of the Havre-Saint-Pierre Seniors' Home has been accumulating delays for more than of one year. Initially planned for fall 2022, the residence plans to accommodate 48 people when it is built.

The Société québécoise des infrastructures does not did not answer our questions for this report.

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