Have you received the code 1437 by Whatsapp? This is what it means

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Have you received the code 1437 by Whatsapp? This is what it means

The instant communication > through messages it is part of our daily reality and, thanks to it, we have acquired and invented new forms /strong> to transmit what we want to say. Memes, videos, emoticons, gifs, abbreviations… and now, numeric codes.

It is likely that during the last few days, on the occasion of Valentine's Day and the month of love, you have received or heard about the digit 1437, which is being published. Popularizing above all on Whatsapp, but also on other instant messaging applications and social networks, such as TikTok.

The normal thing is to think that it is a simple number with no apparent meaning, or a mistake by the issuer, but in reality there is a much more deeper message, a statement ;n of love

A digit with lots of love

The true meaning of 1437 is nothing more and nothing less than 'I love you forever'< /strong> ('I love you forever', in English). Each digit corresponds to the number of letters of each word of the English phrase: 'I' is a single letter, 4 have 'love', 3 letters form the word 'you' and, finally , 7 are the letters that 'forever' contains. The last number can be omitted to build the variant 134 or 'I love you', which, in the same way, expresses that 'you love a lot' ' to that person, but subtracting intensity and without qualifying the eternity.

Numbers: our best ally

1437 is just one of the multiple combinations of digits commonly used by adolescents and < strong>young people to express their emotions and thoughts in the messages. For example, when the number 10 is used in messaging, it means 'perfect' , associating that digit with maximum achievable on the famous scale from 1 to 10. 11:11 refers to 'time to make a wish', strong>due to the popular belief that this hour is the perfect time for your dreams to come true. 39 is another of the most famous numbers, and expresses 'thank you', due to the similarity of this term with the pronunciation in Japanese of this figure.

Love is undoubtedly the most recurring theme in the Time to create digits with meaning. 14344 refers to 'I love you very much' or 'te quiero mucho', 153 means >'I adore you' or 'te adoro', 4221 is 'Forever together to love one another' or >'forever together to love each other' and '721' also means 'I love you' (7 represents the number ;total number of letters in the sentence, 2 the number of words, and 1 that all together have one meaning).

Now that you know what these terms mean, you no longer have an excuse for letting other people know that 1437, or what is the same, that 'you love her very much forever.'